Hello Peeps. It feels like Monday and can’t believe tommorrow is already Wednesday. 

I’m so glad that I’m starting to be more less aggravated . I’ve been getting alot of help from my family in just moral support and in any other help I needed. Life is full of trials. Yet life is full of blessings. And it’s a reminder to me to realize that I have so many blessings. Those things that are hard in my life are blessings too.

I keep reminding myself that I can’t make others feel the way I want them too. I can’t make them communicate.  I definitely can’t make them understand.  I however can do my best to explain how I feel and what I would like to see what happened. So I did write an email. I did express myself and feelings to my husband and children. 

No matter how you feel at the end of the day you may be in so much pain. You may feel so tired and exhausted. But are reminded I am blessed with a roof over my head. I have food,clothing,family,job,health insurance, gospel,friends and family. The list can go on. I’m just truly blessed. So life makes it a point to remind me of that.  So I’m trying to keep strong and keep smiling. All will work out. In your life you can do the same. May you know its okay to experience negativity.  How you handle it is what’s more important.  So I find service,supporting others,writing and singing to be the best. Keep going . You’re pretty amazing. ~All the best to you. ~Jackie ❤

Life’s Trials

No matter the day ,month or year

Keep your faith instead having fear

Life’s Trials reminds you all will be okay

Just enjoy life day by day.

No matter how painful  life can be

Staying strong is all you need.

            (C )Jackie H 2017


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