HELLO, ALL~ As always I hope all is well and you’re doing the best you can. Always remember you’re not alone. Of course, remember too you are special and talented. You must find that for yourself. Follow your dreams and lean to those that love you to get the encouragementĀ you need and the reassurance too. I had an amazing friend remind me today how incredible I am. I also was reminded that certain things in my life isn’t my fault and shouldn’t be told that.Ā I should never give in and believe things that aren’t true and get down on things that I have no control over. Goes to show you how amazing my heart is. Also how breakable it can be. Through the challenges, I am facing along with my family I know that I can only do what I can do. So it’s great to have a caring and wonderful friend to reassure that you are amazing and great.! So thank you for that today and for being there ā¤

I decided to sing as I miss writing and singing. With work school, health, ..preparing for surgery, trying to find a home, mother and wife duties, I’m running out of ‘me ‘ time lol. But that’s okay as I have so much to catch up with school and I registered for BYU-Idaho online for Sept.2017. So I’ll have a break from school then .Ā I’m so proud of myself. I am so excited that even at 34 years old and all that I face, I can still do what I love and dream of. For I am doing it now. That’s what matters. So never think you can’t. Never think it’s impossible. BECAUSE IT IS. YOU JUST DO IT! Ā So enjoy some the songs because my membership will expire soon and I’ll be under the knife soon so I won’t be singing for awhile. AH!!! But there’s always writing, or catching up on rest lol.

Just know that no matter how far behind you get. No matter how emotional and hard it gets. Make time for you. Go spend time with friends. Go sing! Go Dance. Go jump off cliffs into the water. Go surfing. Go do what makes you happy and make time. You are the only one who is in charge to do so. So as I try to learn myself, the I can’t needs to get thrown in that garbage with the negativity. And you must keep going! šŸ™‚ You matter. You’re awesome. Build those talents. Keep the faith .Ā LET GOD DO THE REST IN HIS TIME ā¤ All the best~ JACKIE




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