Happy Weekend Everyone. May you know you’re a blessing to all that you know in your life. That includes Urself. No matter how hard it can get,trust me last few months it’s been a struggle. I’ve became more hateful. I shouldn’t be. I still have an amazing heart. I still am so sweet and I love my life. Just tired. I know I can’t rush things. I know all is well and will be. Just takes time. So each day I smile just a little more than I did before. So I hope you can find that joy too despite your trials. I’ll always stress we all have talents in many forms. You must develop and see them. They don’t have to be like the normal music etc. It can be your heart,compassion,love,kindess,handyness,and whatever else is out there. You must see it and act on it. Trust me it helps so very much. Especially those that get the blessing of knowing you.

Today is SPOTLIGHT day. Out of my 12 siblings I wanted to share of my brother Jon. He’s had a major influence on my love for acting,humor,writing,music and his wife for my scrapbooking and crafts. They have always supported me and continue.  There was a moment we thought we lost him from a sickness that was unexpected but the Lord knew he has to still keep being here. He’s currently a bishop in our church. Has so many talents that I can’t explain how it impacts my life. He may be quiet and reserved at times because besides being a bishop,husband, and father and work. He probably is writing his new book,song,or something else that he creates.

Jon is truly a masterpiece.  I don’t tell him enough and the thanks that I wanted to show him is to spotlight him . You can find more of him on these sites. I love you so much big brother. Ty for being my favorite fan. We must always stick together. Love to Jen as well for being my other amazing fan and so supportive in all you do. My nephews and Neice our just the best. So enjoy this little post and know even if you have a busy life,you can still manage to use your talents to shine to others and help them and support them. That’s why I love to see others shine and support them. Because I know their worth even if I never met you. You’re priceless and have a way to express your abilities so let those shine.






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