Hello, Everyone ! I hope you have a wonderful week. In my thoughts this past week and during church Sunday, I am reminded how blessed I am. Blessed so greatly among so many challenges in the world. No matter how painful, hard and uneasy it can get, I am so blessed.  Blessed to have these trials so I can build myself up. So I can build others up and learn from the teachings God would have me learn. I don’t know a lot of why things happen but I do know I’ll keep going. In the good and bad we all have a choice with how we will handle them. Instead of me going to the destructive plan, I choose constructively.

TALENT AND BLESSING = Music for me 🙂



I am a mother and I can teach just as my parents, friends, siblings, family teachers, and others in my life did and continue to do. There are others watching you. You must know that the most important person watching you or should be is yourself. Never deny that opportunity to tell yourself how AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL you are. As I keep going I use my talents to use in my life. Whether it’s my heart, the arts, or writing, it’s there. That’s so many blessings and waiting to use for others. I hope you all find the best way to cope with life. Just know there are blessings all over and daily. It may be the simplest things as being able to write, see, hear, and walk. Whatever it may be, we truly are blessed. I am truly blessed and I am so grateful I have so many in my life to help me see that.

I’m fat, I have ugly body .I’m hateful. I’m blunt. I’m strict. I’m driven. I’m organized. I’m always on the go. All these and more I’M NOT ASHAMED.  What I’m ashamed of us listening to those tell me what I should weigh, should eat,how to raise kids, how to be and how to not be so bold,strict and blunt. I’m ashamed I don’t  listen to my heavenly father more and his counsel WHO CARES WHAT ANYONE THINKS,SAYS OR DOES. What I’ve gotten lately is what’s deep inside me. I need to stop thinking about those from church,in my family, in my friends and others about what they think. WHO CARES. What I’ve been learning 

“Jackie you are strong,beautiful, talented,wonderful and compassionate person.  Your heart exceeds what most people can’t comprehend. No matter your flaws or what you say or do you never give up. You will always pur others first. Always sacrificing. You never do anything  detrimental. Stop trying to please your family and friends.  Everyone has their opinions. Everyone has their accusations.  But not everyone has your best interest at heart. Not everyone knows truly who you are. 

Those that spend more of telling you off or what you should or shouldn’t be doing, is those that aren’t noticing what you are doing despite everything. 

Only the Lord and our heavenly parents knows us So well.  So if you ever doubt,then go to the only perfect ones that will let you know and be ready for their counsel. From then on its up to you what to do and how to be. 

Remember  your worth in all ways because your “flaws”are what helps you the strongest ❤

Have a wonderful week! You can only do what you’re capable of. But one thing is that’s shouldn’t be giving up. See the guidance and direction of you Heavenly Father. Seek help from those around you. And just as the song goes, Count Your Many Blessings. I promise you if you are willing. If you are determined. Your heart and life will change when you turn to counting those blessings and seeing the impact you have on others. Yet, you must see it first in yourself and how you manage your life. How many blessings you truly have. That my friend, will help you continue not only in the bad times, but the good and amazing times too. For the blessing there is , there is so much more good times. Only you decided to count those! ALL THE BEST ~ JACKIE


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