Normally I would post a poem but this specific topic has been tugging at me for quite sometime. Especially lately so I wanted to share my opinions and my thoughts. I hope you will understand what I’m trying to say. Have a great day. All the best ~Jackie 

Instead of always giving praise and attention always to the “popular” people,which I see constantly at church,school,social media,family and amongst friends. I’m the type that my heart and mind always work on others. I always try to make others feel important and included. As growing up I have several issues on being left out , feeling unimportant and not “cool” enough and in previous relationships. It also fell into self esteem issues, settling for less and constant being bullied and having myself fall into believing I’m not important.  Which is major depression . So I caused myself alot of the pain. I chose too believe. Plus (only being honest) when you have a family of 12 other siblings lol  you get secluded some too. Not that you’re not loved. It’s  hard to be noticed. So there are alot of us. Especially now trying to get all your parents attention lol. Because we have families or will and that like triples and even harder to get a word in especially if you’re on video chat hahahh but its so worth it even if you just get dizzy .Or that favorite brother or sister etc . When you wanted that visit or trip with them or have them notice you. Understand?  We can’t make people notice. We can’t expect others to change. We can only lead by example and express. But it’s surely not end of the world. And it shouldn’t bring you down. NEVER SHOULD IT CAUSE YOU EMOTIONAL DISTRESS.  You are amazing at all you can do and worth it. Some peeps can be so cruel,but we,ourselves can be the worse of it. We are the cruelest and must stop that. Seriously it’s a waste of time.  So never compare and feel sorry for yourself. You need to shine as if no one is watching,and do whatever you desire as if no one is listening or “praising”. Just because you’re not getting noticed doesn’t mean you should do like everyone else and ignore others. But yet again my thoughts and opinions. I can’t make you. 

How about trying to get to know or build the quiet,reserved ones? We all need praised. We all need support. It’s sad as I sit back and watch which I’m shy in person. So I tend to sit back and watch.When I’m writing,posting and etc it different. I notice  that only few people get noticed. I’m so grateful I can take time to notice all and include all as much as I can . So i have all this time to post,write ,look and etc ? NO WAY. I make time. As the world gets more rough, society pulls in more and more. Things that I’m trying to do in my life to not be like everyone else. It’s sad. Instead of pointing fingers ,I want to be example. Especially since my Savior included all and didn’t single out anyone . He paid attention to everyone. As often and oh so . This is why I think my Bachelor’s in Marriage and Family Studies will be perfect to have to help others.
 ❤ what I’m  doing. ❤
1)continuing writing,posting,seeing family, friends,members that don’t get noticed a lot or comforted,visits,letters,hugs, whatever case may be.

2) don’t give in on the “popular” normal daily posts or visits at church,school,home wherever. Pay attention and see how someone else is and their talents. Help them rise and know no one is “popular” and they should feel loved too. We all matter. And really shouldn’t idol.

3) Understand we all have responsibility and free agency . So these are my words and my actions. I can’t make anyone do anything.  Yet I can say my opinion and choose to continue to do what matters to me and that showing we all are special. 


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