If you follow my blog you would’ve seen the story of our lives during the first time to now in the different parts of the blog. Some may already know and others may not know the story. Either way it is never ending. We continue to go forward and we’re now in the step of finding our perfect house to buy . (Since we never have experienced that) .We’re still trying to save for our ‘honeymoon’ and our family vacations which seems to always be thrown out lol due to other personal things or my health situations. We have many more years to do so. So I never give up on my dreams. Especially the dreams that I had always want deep in my heart, and I’ve seen the lord play apart in that. For with God’s hands is how Chris and I met and got together and finally were sealed Sept 17th 2016 for forever. Even though there were trials throughout this whole process from losing jobs, changing the temple dates, combining our families, moving out of state to where he was, our love just continued to grow. We kept sharing our lives and through so much trials and continue our love grows and never disappears. We do struggle but that’s all couples.

I just know that I am very happy with the one that I wasn’t even looking for is in my life and makes me oh so very happy, safe, and at peace. It makes me so happy to share our lives together and be an amazing step mother to awesome kids. Grateful to have chance to experience so much together and enjoy everymoment, even in the hardest of times.I’m grateful for all that my husband does even when I’m frustrated, rude, grumpy, and hard to be around. (trust me I am lol) I’m just a hard headed woman, independent, strong and doesn’t depend on others as my past has made me who I am. But I have learned to experience and accept that he is there to love,comfort,care for me, understand me,support me, and anything else he wises. Just as the same for him. So if I can do all things for him and others, I needed to accept that they should do the same for me without being so pushy and turning them away. He is a romantic guy and always knows the right things to do and say. It’s not about the ‘gifts’ with me. He knows it’s as simple as a nap, laundry, a text,post,little note, or other gesture. It’s simple with little sweet words or massage or hug. Or a wiping of a tear. Ever since I’ve known Chris he’s all that and more and I so always wanted it.

So as I prepare for my Surgery July 14th. I know he will be ready to take his vacation and attend to my needs , as if it was him, I’d do the same. Something I’ve never experienced and so blessed to have. So I’m confident my Neurosurgeon will do his best. And I’m confident to know that my Heavenly Father, family ,and friends will also do their best of watching over me and helping me. For that was the biggest thing I had to let go and accept, that not everyone is the same. So always be grateful for the offers you have and show your thanks and not turn away and be prideful. So I am swallowing my pride and accepting and backing off. I love you Chris. Always and Forever. Here’s a song for you . I hope you enjoyed going back on our life. And I enjoy for our new adventures, and especially through this surgery LOL.. lOVE YOU BABE ~



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