ME! This was valentines weekend when i first met chris.

Sister Culp and Sister Bundy helped me get all fixed up and purdy for my valentine weekend with chris.I was so so excited and so so nervous.

Chris and I  before church when he came down for the weekend.

Being goofy when we were video chatting

ANOTHER great picture of us ..I ended up getting his hat and jacket before he left πŸ™‚ and I also have a t-shirt and pair of shorts…NO CHRIS! you aren’t getting them back πŸ™‚ giggle

Some more pics that he took.The first one my sugar was acting up and I crashed after church. It was really low. Found out at that time I had type II diabetes. He took a pic of me sleeping hahaha.But what was really great and I have never experienced this…I woke up he had dinner done homemade Chinese and dishes/kitchen cleaned for me.I was like that was the best Sunday ever.I didn’t want him to go. I kissed his bald forehead.He had to shave and reminded me of Uncle Lester off of Adam’s family, haha but I still love him bald or not..Actually, he made me mad, sometimeprayingI just skinned his head ..giggle!

This was before he had to go 😦 we both cried..he came down Feb 14th and had to leave the 17th to go back to life hahaha …but it was the best valentine’s I have ever had and made my feelings for him stronger.The sister missionaries came over and they stopped by off and on and was helping me.Sometimes praying for me and us and just was explaining for me to pray and soften my heart.I started doing this and forgiving those that hurt me and you wouldn’t believe the feelings and the relief I had found.Sometimes but it was wonderful.

So like I went to Ohio for couple weeks the original plan was for a week but due to the winter storm and missing church, I stayed longer.I was able to meet and stay with Chris’s parents and meet one of his brothers and his wife and child.It was an experience I will never forget.We hung out, prayed, played games, watched movies, his son taught me about the different type of video games.I was able to get to know his parents more one on one .They are awesome.Laid back, very humble, pleasant, kind, and fell in love instantly with them.It was weird I felt I already knew his brother Jimmy and his wife and son ..Maybe through all the stories I heard and went through pictures.The fun part was they brought over home videos of Chris was not too impressed.I think he was really nervous..hahahaha..So we all sat around and watched home videos.Chris was so cute and just loved it..Wish you could see them..So thanks, jimmy πŸ™‚ hahaha

Through the whole time, we were there, we were finding instances that were describing us as a couple like being married..Or mistaken we were married with kids, I Or we were introduced as possible as the daughter in law, or Chris would say my wife or we will be commuting and I was like HUH! what???Then I started getting comfortable in saying it could happen..wait???baccccccccccccck up???? what am I saying?? this girl that was going to get married 50 yrs from now, hated men..decided to date and now talking marriage ???what..

You figure we talked so much leading up to this moment and being in person where we had to get to know each other for a few months..And we really new a lot..And the thing I loved the most ..He is still around and can deal with me then and my straight forward mouth hahaha.I told him I have a lot of patience and been through so much it isn’t a big deal …So anyways we just had these moments where it was all feeling great,exciting,comfortable and we were kind of talking about marriage in future but not really..if that makes sense???We dated more so when he came down and I come up there and etc you just know okay??? there is no deadline and it is revealed in time and you just know..Hard to explain and don’t need to explain because we know it’s right and that counts. He makes me very happy and treats me very well and I the same for him.

We were all sad that I had to go back.I was in a small town called Trenton Ohio. Reminds me of Mayberry lol. 

It was small but really nice and I had to go. there were more tears and etcccc..Gavin enjoyed coming to Tennessee for the first time and enjoyed Wendy’s burgers..He says they taste better in Tennessee .Forget about missing me or wanting to see me hahaha he wants the burgers πŸ™‚ j/k..we had fun together playing board games,cooking walks,talking,video games etc…

Yes, I broke the barrier and Chris gave me the nickname Machine Gun Kelly…Ugh… I can’t help I have gas.. it hurts when you try to hold it in ..I mean seriously we are all human but to have that nickname???wow!. Well, he can break the barrier too and he and his dad sometimes burp answers ..long story anyways! I got settled in back at home and was very very sad 😦 it felt like I was losing my best friend

Chris was turning into my very best friend.We shared so much already since we met and the moments we have had been so great and spiritual and uplifting..I just wanted him next to me forever.


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