Okay here are some more pics of my Ohio trip going to see Chris and meeting his family.You know I have never done all that properly before?? 

I was able to meet his parents, one of his brothers and his I felt I known them all this time.They are so wonderful.I don’t just say that.They really are ..anxious to meet more of the family.I can’t wait till he meets my family.Now Chris my family is huge hahaha there is 13 of us but you also have their spouses, children,and then there are aunts, uncles etc..well shoot facebook will be the easiest to learn of my family I’m friends with most of my family hahaha …

SERIOUSLY, WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO MARRY MY FIRST 2 IT WAS WE WERE ALL HANGING OUT ANYWAYS..BUT ANYWHO…This was the exciting part going to meet the family, and enjoying the dating scene and doing things together.You know having a life??? That was the exciting part for me.

Chris has done so much for me from writing me poems, just his feelings, sending me a song he recorded.YES! I know right??he sang and sent me him singing All of me by John Legend.It just made me so happy.He also sent me gift cards and I was able to get things I needed for my place and yes shopping for clothes ..I actually got dresses and shirts and things and look purdy.I turned into a beautiful babe.

The thing I love most about all this.He wasn’t trying to get in my pants.If you know anything about the Mormon religion then you would know that there are standards. Chris  has standards.He goes to the temple, he has the priesthood and won’t do sex before marriage.He honors his priesthood and tries to do all he can and keep the covenants he made.Chris has a very very strong testimony and some of you will be able to hear that and see what type of man he is.He is very old fashion and has so much respect for women.He won’t call me a bad name, if he is mad or if I made him upset he will give me space and we will come back and talk about it.He is very considerate of my feelings and will do anything he can to help me.Chris is the man I have always prayed, dreamed about and wanted.He is the man that will love me with all his heart and put me on a pedestal (which I don’t need to be lol ) but you get it.

We all find traits we love in someone and we do what they call fall in love.I wasn’t looking for love and wasn’t planning on doing any dating or w/e anytime soon.This all just happened naturally.I believe without a doubt and Chris feels the same, that we were together before this life, we were being prepared and that we were meant to go through what we had to and find each other again.I have never met anyone so strong in the church, besides my father.So dedicated to his family,church, and work.He works and does all he can do to be prepared and to take care of his children and himself and has made a promise now and shown me things that he will be able to provide and take care of me.He has and will continue to support me in all he can and help make my dreams and wishes come true as I will same for him.He is supporting me and helping me keep my standards to receive my endowment and be sealed to him and be able to go back to school sometime as he will the same.He is giving me a chance to help raise his two wonderful children and have family home evening, take trips, teach them, love them and accept him and his children for who they are.

We so enjoy our time we have together in person or however we talk.We can’t wait to be together forever.We are excited to continue to commute back and forth and see each other as we learn to love each other more, work with our flaws, help each other and have the love and respect for each other as any couple should have


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