Yes!!!! HERE IS THE RING πŸ™‚ I FOUND IT ! Savannah and Gavin helped.Chris had me on the scavenger hunt and really put time and effort.But do to tending to savannah we had to condense some which was fine because i never seen a 3yr so happy to find a ring ..hahahah she put it on and said “it don’t fit lol swinging it …so so cute..I didn’t think it would fit neither because of my swelling lol but it did πŸ™‚ and the wedding band is being sized.Well done Chris πŸ™‚ Well it has been so busy the last 2 weeks, my grandma’s passing,my mom’s 70th ,and 2 weeks in ohio and not to mention i got to do engagment pics as well.

Pictures of the ring and my wedding band that i will get πŸ™‚ He got on his knee that made my day! πŸ™‚

I had a great time. Chris’s family is wonderful and im so thankful to finally meet someone who cares about me,let’s me be me,doesn’t hurt me,and wants the same dreams as me.Yes we have our disagreements but other than that, it is wonderful.

We were going to buy a home but with a lot of prayers,looking, and etc we picked an apartment out.(So we get a new start and new life.No more drama! I really hope. I mean it is funny how things happen when you don’t plan on them too.Like for me another relationship when i was just getting settled in a great place and enjoying my church ward and friends and seeing my family again…But you know what??? It was a much needed answer to my prayers from the beginning when i was praying for years.And it was answered and i have never been happier.I am also thankful that our new place will be next to the doctors office too.That way i can get my health issues in order..SIGH! I can’t wait. I so miss chris and his family so much ..Seems there is nothing here in tennessee (well besides my family and friends but you know what i mean.It will be few months but it will all work out.I have to let the poor guy work?? lol i will be wanting this,and going there,and needing this plus two kids and himself poor chris you got your hands full..But buddy im in it forever i been through so much this is a piece of cake..You know my story hun …So anyways below is some pics of my trip ,from getting the ring, finding clues with the key to his place,saying goodbye to his sweet daughter till i see her next time.I helped potty train a 3 yr and she was so very happy. …I got tons of hugs and laughing and just good ol fashion family time we all his family it was great.Now i’m by my lonesome again lol but that is ok, i have a lot of planning,packing,and other things before august.

Yes i got a dress too! finally ,  Chris’s mother and I made a girls night and went shopping she is so much fun πŸ™‚ we found a dress and a lady from their church is fixing it up for me..OH it is simple but beautiful i think πŸ™‚ i enjoyed driving in a state i never drive lol going on walks and meeting where i will live and it is so much different ..But it is an adventure i am excited to take.It was sad when i was dropped off 😦 i was so sad fighting my tears and chris was tearing up too.He has had a hard time and he so devoted and loving i just said be brave,strong,and call ,text ,chat me baby till august..He won’t have any more vacations so that is why it will be little sad.But we will make it πŸ™‚ he is so good to me and im so lucky ,he just puts me on that pedistool and is just amazing,loving,and a great father to his kids.Someone i always wanted and will have forever :)..I can’t wait.So really there was a lot that happened but this is little story of it πŸ™‚

So as you can tell , i am updating now with all the changes..I am happy to sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i am going to go through to get my endowment in the temple in june yay! I am hoping the date will be the 21st..There has been so much personal things in my life and in Chris’s life happening and it is all for the good but it has made some changes.

So with that said The date for our wedding is not , i repeat NOT AUGUST 16TH. We are waiting on a few things, So it maybe sooner or later or plans may change and we may have a civil marriage then get sealed but that is WORSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CASE AS THAT IS NOT WHAT NEITHER WANTS..And for me NO ! Unless we absolutely have to due to circumstances but i have been praying and praying and praying lol so much ,selfish i know but if you know how long of a dream i have had to go to nashville temple you would understand and really…This is between Heavenly Father ,Chris and I and we are so thankful to have each other even though we are 5 hrs apart lol i miss him like crazy but he should be busy! You hear that CHRIS??? You and the fam should be busy working,packing and moving into our place we picked out before i left from ohio.It is a nice apartment till we buy a house and what i love is you can walk to the stores,the gym and doctor is next door lol.Really a nice place.So he is busy or should be lol (just kiddin i know you are ) packing and will be moved in at the end of the month.YAY FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS.

Lets just say we both have been doing so great and doing what we are suppose to and the big ol mean whatever he is adversary has been around..So what do i do?? well i get really strong and said ‘YOU BACK OFF AND BACK OFF NOW”. I have really turned my life around and doing all i can right and we have trials but really you want a break now and then..So despite situations we are blessed for the trials and I know everything will work out.I am not speaking of what they are because they are normal things and personal but i will say one thing YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GOT ON METAFORMIN πŸ™‚ so hopefully with this and my excercise and diet i will be better ..JUST 50 PDS TO LOSE AND I WISH THE FLUID WOULD STOP LOL LOL ANOTHER TRIAL THAT I WILL KNOCK OUT.With all the retaining fluids and things im still alive after all these years.Those who know me , i don’t give up..Now i didn’t say i am not mean and i don’t get hateful and i don’t complain..Hey we are only human..Nothing is an easy fix..But i am so blessed to be living here today and around postive influences..It takes time and we all just have to focus on our own spiritual level and stop tryin to judge others and really judge ourselves ..None of us is perfect.

So it was Mothers Day few days ago and im so thankful for all mothers whether they have kids or not ..To me all women our mothers some how some way…And im grateful for my own mother who i love and appreciate and that she didn’t stop when she did of wanting kids and adopted myself,my twin sister and 2 brothers..So mom if you ever read this You are great, don’t ever doubt yourself and if you feel you aren’t then just forget it and move on .You are the reason why we all love you so much because you taught us to love and to not judge and be i thank the lord everyday and i love you more than you will ever know.

I am grateful for my family and friends and my soon to be husband and family…I am grateful for the gospel and for my heavenly father and jesus.I am most grateful for the trials i have , and will be overcoming, the health issues,the heartache,the struggles i encounter daily with finaces,health,being lonely,bored lol feeling like i don’t write or sing good or w/e it may be.I have found to give thanks to all that and to just be me and keep moving forward.I am grateful to those that hate,despise,make fun of me,judge me,talk bad about me,and those that call me liars,a bad mother,a bad person,or wish me bad things or whatever they may be.I am grateful for those that make their own minds about me and say what i believe isn’t true and im going to hell.Thank you and grateful to all those that have hurt me through the years and the judgmental remarks and so called friendship and what ever else that has happened.I have overcame that and stronger for it.Well thank you for all that ,and all i can say to all negative things,people throughout my life.I LOVE YOU. i love you for all the hurt you have caused and causing and i love you because one day your heart will soften.I can’t tell you what to do but i can show you what i do with what you do to me or what i see many do to others and that is move forward.I feel for you,i feel that you aren’t happy so you try to make others unhappy and judge when really you should look at yourself.So all i can say is WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG????? all i ask is for us to all love each other, yes you don’t have to like each other..But really sometimes this world is just so full of hate,full of judgment,better than you ,look at me, riches,violence and etcc…All i want is just love,joy and happiness finally in my life …Finally im getting it and not really focusing on everyone else because that is their free agency..But in all honesty we are all just the same ,living in the same world,and we all have our own struggles..So really in time it will all be fixed but for now i know i can either try to live the best i can in happiness or always live in sadness and feel sorry for myself…SO I CHOOSE HAPPINESS AND THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING LAST FEW MONTHS.

With all that said im truly happy with myself and where im going .It is a choice i make and im making..I hope and pray that everyone i meet and know is doing the same..

So stay tuned to learn the big day of Chris and I as we are exciteddddddddddddddddd πŸ™‚


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