Wow! I moved to ohio and I never had lived out of state before.I had just got done going through the nashville temple which was wonderful.My father and some of my family and friends were there.I really enjoyed the moments i had with everyone that showed.Thank you to all those that came and for all those that supported me.I then loaded up after cici’s pizza and said goodbye to the family and Chris and I headed to my new life in ohio.I was grateful his parents and son was able to come as well as my bishop and home teacher and his wife.Not to mention my twin and her husband and brother jon and his wife and my dad.What a humbling experience.I will never forget it nor the feeling .

Well we unloaded at like 1 am sunday morning at our new place then i went to Chris’s parents to stay the week and during the day went to our apartment and unpacked and got it situated.I was so tired,worn out and tryin to figure out everything.After all i was in a new place in my life that i never dreamed would happen.

We had a beautiful wedding .It was at my inlaw’s place.They really made it wonderful and got everything ready for us.It had stormed really bad when i went to the temple..Guess what?? after me praying a lot lol Literally right after the I -do’s it stormed..So heavenly father really made it possible πŸ™‚ thanks πŸ™‚ and plus wearing all white wouldn’t have been pretty to be all wet ..just saying …Sister worley done an excellent job with my dress and fixed my hair.I have always wanted my hair fixed the way she did.She added babys breath too and it was by far the best hair do i have ever had.I really like her .She is so awesome…

The bishop’s family,worleys ,chris’s brother and his family and terry and merideth and her family came as well as Chris’s Mamaw. Im still learning everyone’s name …so there was like 25 people i believe.It was a wonderful ,peaceful experience.Especially i had planned besides picking out camo plates for the cake lol i told chris’s parents that i was going to say “let me think about it ” when the bishop asks if i take chris..Well that was a surprise to him …giggle…i said it! But it was all fun and games..made his heart go thump harder i guess lol …He was left speecheless when his dad walked me to him btw.And that has been my dream too.Do you blame me?? after the marriages i had i wanted this one to be perfect in my eyes and that i have always dreamed about..And it did..It was wonderful.

We plan on getting sealed next summer when everything comes back so that will be great.:) im excited and it will be in nashville temple..I also loved the cake part. we laid a table cloth down and i literally smashed his face and it went all over and not in his mouth ..i was waiting on that ..well he got me good too..all over me down my shirt and i stepped in some(i was barefoot too πŸ™‚ it went up both nostrils and down my throat and i was literally choking and couldn’t breathe lol i was laughing so hard i liked inhaled it and it was blocking and yes , how embarrassing ! NOT the choking on your wedding day on cake haha but when i was laughing i let one rip ……………hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahhaa and i didn’t dare to look up i felt so embarrased and the teenagers were behind me and my step son and he heard and so did couple others but no one said anything ..Well it is out of the bag because no matter where i go i keep it comical but that was the most embarrasing thing to do on your wedding hahaha.hey its life You got to laugh about it..

We had a blast and it was fun and we went home and went to church next day and i was so tired too not to mention we had left over pork sandwiches and cake so i didn’t have to cook that day lol ..The ward welcomed me and i had to get used to my name being changed.

i look forward to my new family and life.I know it won’t be easy but i can make it fun ,enjoyable, and choose to be happy.I have wanted something like this for many years.I finally am blessed with love from a great man and his family.

He had to go to work but we will celebrate the fourth together as a family and enjoy the fireworks and time..I am grateful for so much and look forward to more adventures.


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