HELLO EVERYONE~ I’m doing a quick post for the weekend on my music. Basically, if you’ve been following my blog you will see the troubles I’ve had health wise. Growing up I didn’t mind singing anywhere and at any time. I would sing at different places, in parking lots, one time even at the movie theater waiting for the music to start. I always had a love for music. Not only singing but playing the piano/keyboard and most of all love writing. I love to write! (can’t you tell LOL ) Music and writing have and continue to get me through all my hard times. Speaking of hard times, I’m 34 now and still have a hard time with stage fright. I never wanted to be a ‘famous’ singer. I will make my cd one day when I find someone to do the music and can actually get one made. But it’s true, I’m my hardest critic. Through the trials, 8 surgeries, low self-esteem, bullying ,and 2 previous bad marriages I lost a lot of my faith and knowledge about music. I didn’t practice my piano as my mom taught me growing up. I stopped singing in the church choir. I wasn’t in chorus and ensemble anymore. I gave up on the acting and music class and just sang whenever I felt like it at home. I even was singing low at church.

SONGS I’ve SANG TODAY THAT HAVE MEANING whether it was through the years or present. I always love all kinds of music. I don’t care how I sound. I just care how I express 🙂 :

Dancing in the sky ~


I will always love you ~


To make you feel my love ~


Foolish Games :


Listen to your heart ~


Sometimes I sang a couple parts at church and felt so low, and embarrassed that even to this day, I doubt I’ll sing again. I felt like everyone hated it. I felt that I couldn’t carry a tune. I sing because I choose to sing. I sing because I feel the emotions of the music and words. I express myself through not only voice but words. Each song I sing whether it’s my own words or someone else plays a part in my life. As I celebrated my 3 years with my husband, I look back and see how much I’ve come out of the ‘shell’. I didn’t need to impress anyone all these years. I didn’t need to be the best singer and writer. I just needed to show myself that I do have talents. I am unique. I sing in a unique way that is different from everyone else. Same with my writing. I write to understand myself and those around me. As I said before if it helps you then that’s an extra bonus and blessing.I have many talents as in music/writing/other arts/caring/kindness/compassion etc.. I don’t need to be down on that.

I struggle right now besides the finances to produce my own songs lol. Due to my health issues and self-worth that I had to build up, I tend to focus on what other’s are doing. I LOVE supporting others in their dreams and desires. I want to see others shine and know they are important and wanted and needed. I want all to express their passions and know that it’s okay to be different. NEVER COMPARE! Your time will come and you must express,practice, and keep going. Number one thing is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Don’t look for other’s to tell you. You must tell yourself that you are INCREDIBLE, TALENTED, and WORTH IT. Then go on and SHINE! Whatever it may be.Whether it’s a physical talent in the arts. Or how you treat others. Talents are all kinds of things from serving to playing an instrument. It doesn’t have to be like the ‘world’ in the industry of acting/music/etc. You must find your talents and go on working on them. There will be many like myself to help support that. ONLY WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD MATTER.

My throat is so hoarse and irritated due to the many tubes that have been down it during my scopes and my surgeries. In a couple weeks, I’ll have a Neurosurgeon cut on me. So it’s going to be even more irritated. I do get upset. I get so frustrated when my voice changes or it sounds like I’m stomped up. It’s frustrating too when I have my ‘vomiting’ spells that come and go and of course reflux. I do my part but I have to realize that’s my trial and I must carry on. I must continue to sing and ENJOY! You can still enjoy your talents even in your hardest trials. It does make you want to quit. You do get down. You start comparing. HELLO ? We’re only human. Yet, You still get up and keep going. So today despite the troubles I wanted to sing 3 beautiful songs. I know that I’ll have to wait on singing for a bit after surgery, so I wanted to do this today! Even if it’s not ‘perfect’. then again what is perfect? I SING AND I WRITE BECAUSE I LOVE IT. I express and feel the emotions. I appreciate all the artists that make it possible. It’s just amazing. So enjoy your life. Enjoy your talents. MAKE SURE YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP IT. EVEN IF IT’S A LITTLE HOARSENESS. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.  All the best ~Jackie


Whenever you come around ~





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