Hello Beautiful Peeps that follow or stubble across my site. I’m so blessed in my life that even amongst the hardest of trials I still see blessings. Even though I’ve been in tears,bad attitudes,pain,struggling,tired,helpless, stressed,and busy. I still manage to do whats so important.  That’s give thanks and show gratitude. I have an amazing support team. Not only my husband, children ,family ,friends,church,god,savior but all of you too. Somehow and someway someone helps you. You may see that now and you may not ever. Either way we are always put in each others paths for a reason or another. Just as the same for our trials. Without trials and suffering you wouldn’t learn ,grow ,inspire,and strengthen your testimony,passions and family.

I’m trying to finish up my pathway classes to transfer over my credits this fall for school. And also prepare for my major surgery with the Neurosurgeon July 14th. So between that and work and my family, I don’t have a whole time to speak to write or type out. Depending how much strength I have. But I will work on it as often as I can. Because it’s like my own personal journal that’s progressing and it seems to be inspiring many of you. But until then there’s much reading you can do from previous posts lol.

I just wanted really to say hi. To tell you I don’t have to know you to let you know YOU’RE INCREDIBLE and wonderful.  You can shine and inspire. Work on yourself first and believe in yourself. Trust me it will shine outward and to others. We all have the passions and desires. We just need to know deep inside we are worth showing them. Always try to express as if no one knows. Why? Because that’s really what matters. YOU ❤

Our strengths and weaknesses is what helps us become who we are. And if we can’t see the greatness and work on our flaws amongst all that,then we surely need to try harder in finding how to do so. I’ve wasted many years and time due to unhappiness .But I’m working on HAPPINESS each day.I have those days too where it’s not all happiness especially lately but that’s where I need to recheck my heart. To really see my beauty and know deep down inside that no matter what , I am beautiful.  I am talented. I can and will press on.

So don’t worry about how long it can take you. Just know you can keep going. Oh you can for sure! even in the worse and hardest time. For I know because,  yep! You’ve been through harder. I can only remind and tell you that. You must really seek and find that yourself.

So whether there is a pause in your “normal” life. Whether it’s writing,singing,school,marriage,family, friends,life etc, just know you’re capable of doing anything. So rejuvenate and press forward. I’m doing the same with or without writing and singing each day. Life goes on and you must keep living. Truly all the best to you. You’ll make it . I’ll make it. Takes time and effort to succeed . Are you willing to suffer ,work hard and sacrifice ? If so then come on 🙂 

All the best til next time ~Jackie ❤


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