HELLO, ALL ❤  Hope that life is treating you good. And if you have your struggles and having the worst time, know that I will send my prayers and good thoughts. May you always find your strength and passions so you can get through the hard times. May you also know you’re never alone.

As I prepare to have my surgery on FRIDAY 14TH ( NOT 13TH LOL ) I wanted to sing some and listen to the songs that find purpose right now! Now I don’t’ sing the way ‘it should be’. I believe we all have our own way. Frankly, I don’t care how I sound. What I care about is taking time from my schooling to release some stress and be able to do something I enjoy. I do better after taking breaks, as I have a lot of schooling to finish up.For after surgery it will be awhile before I can sing. Know you too can do the same in your life. Make time for you even if it’s 5min or 10min. I always find something constructive. Life is too precious and short to do stupid things. So it must be you to find what is good for you. JUST DO IT 🙂 JUST LIKE THE SONG ‘I’ll RISE UP” so WILL YOU!!!!!!!! And just so you know it’s a pain singing in a neck brace LOL. But I’m afraid if I didn’t I could’ve blown my bones out ha hah hah




No matter what we all face in good and bad, we will gain more strength which will help us in the future challenges. Never be like anyone else. Never doubt your abilities and strength. If you do, you get back up and you keep going. Trust me, last few months I was like that, til I realized I’m better than that. To not think that, and keep going and finish what I started. So there will always be peeps that criticize you in all you do or say. So what! Stand for what you know is right and keep going. I know it gets hard especially with ‘society’ on looks, talents, and etc,, but no one is ever better than anyone else. We all have our differences but we HAVE OUR STRENGTHS. Work on those and work on the flaws. I point out my flaws all the time. But it’s my passions and strengths that help me in building myself and others up. I guess kind of like this personal website.  Just got to love yourself and love life in all that it has and be grateful for all. I know I am and I’ll keep BEING ME! and that is WORK IN PROGRESS!

So this is basically an update and to share some of my singing. And then when Neurosurgeon gives me the okay, I’ll be back to singing and writing more. I’ll definitely write about my experience for sure. Until then, family, finishing up my year of courses to transfer over and other things are important. Keep shining. Keep smiling. All is and will be well. You got to find that out for yourself. I know for sure it is because we are all where we are now. That means WE CAN DO ANYTHING. Make time for yourself even if it’s singing a song or listening to music,writing, art, sports,caring,whatever  the case may be. Till I write again, BEHAVE LOL. BE LOVING! BE BELIEVING IN YOU. AND let your light shine and keep going. You have my support! Next time I write, hopefully, I’ll be relieved of my pain and most if not all issues! We shall see 🙂 Either way I’ll keep going. So should you. ALL THE BEST ~Jackie ❤








Falling slowly ~


Dancing in the sky ~




  1. This is one of the most beautiful and inspiring posts I’ve ever read Jackie! Sending you my love and thinking about you as you go through your surgery – Laini xxxx

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    1. Ty so much Beautiful Lani. I’ll count on the support. I’m finding as my trials build up I’m seeing more of the true importance in life. That’s seeing my beauty even in the flaws because that makes me. I see even though there’s anxiety some,pain, and other sorts I’m still wonderful. I’m seeing that not only an I building up myself but my strength is building others up. All I know is live for the day and hope for the tommorrow. No matter how this surgery leaves me, I know I’m a conquerer. Oh it may be a short time but I’m seeing all the blessings ,comfirt,prayers,miracle,
      love,talents and so much more. So I’m going to enjoy it all and enjoy the time to see others shine. May you continue in your journey . I’m there supporting you too ❤❤


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