Hello Everyone.  Just wanted to write update .This was me about to go into surgery.

First of all thank you for your prayers and your support and love. I have and continue to feel them along with my family. Surgery went well as I heard. Only last thing I remember saying was “go ahead sing to me and make sure I get smarter and sing better lol” everyone was just full of smiles and laughter. My husband has been an amazing rock and has helped so much. I’m grateful for him and the kids too. I feel so loved. I’m also grateful for my parents for sending me these beautiful flowers and the talks prior to surgery.
I Am grateful for my family and friends. Ty so much for the messages,cards,and food.  We appreciate your service and your love. Most grateful for your kindness and generosity. 

After surgery

Today is day 3 and I wish I could say I’m great. I’ve shed alot of tears. I’m lucky to eat applesauce or pudding or water. My family is so very patient with me. When I talk,move,swallow,etc it is soooo very painful. It doesn’t hurt alot on the  insicion. Just mainly around it. 
The smallest move jolts my upper back,spine ,shoulders, and neck. Sooo painful. I got me a recliner coming. Also I got many pillows . I’m deeply grateful that surgery went well.  The upcoming appointments will see what restrictions I need still and how well it’s doing. I have screws and plates In my neck. There’s a nasty incision which I could dot above and make a smile lol . Swelling and just pain.


I’m not allowed lift,bend,twist,cook,clean,work,and laundry.  So I’m using this time to rest and update others . I’m grateful I can see how you all are doing. 

Even though it’s still long road ahead I’m grateful that I can endure my life with a smile and grateful heart. No matter how hard trials may be YOU’RE INCREDIBLE .
Leaving to go home

hurting so bad,even with tears but in the end it will all be with it. So I’m to enjoy the now and embrace. So ty all for standing by me and your prayers.  Much love ~Jackie ❤



  1. So happy to read your update Jackie and to know that you came through surgery well (although feeling very sore).  The only way is up now 😄.  Stay strong, take care of yourself and I wish you a speedy recovery.  All my love, Laini xxx

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