Hello Everyone. May you know you are incredibly amazing. As I am in the beginning of my 2nd week of recovery from my surgery,I’m so full of gratitude.  Most grateful for an amazing husband that took his vacation to tend to my needs. He’s been so helpful and I’m grateful for him.

I’m also grateful for all those that have brought meals,sent messages,care packages,letters,flowers and above all prayers. Thank you all so very much. I’m still weak and I’m not a hundred percent but I’m still very grateful for all I have even with the discomfort and pain. 

Life gives you challenges and some seem  so unbearable at the time. As you keep enduring it becomes less of a challenge and more of a conquered test. We all heal in different ways. My immune system isn’t well so I know it will take little longer. As I await my first post op appointment, I look back and see how far I’ve come in this journey. How hard it’s been. Some parts are still hard. I just know that we must still appreciate all the good and the bad. We must appreciate the falls and the triumphs. The painful and the healing parts in our lives. 

I’m growing in all ways and building myself up to becoming even better. It’s so great to be apart of this world and gain strength in not only what you are going through,but what others are experiencing.  Always remember that there’s so much to be thankful for even when your enduring the hardest of times. 

As I continue to build strength and heal, I wish that you all will do the same in your life. Whether it’s physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  Know you are awesome. You can conquer. And you’re just amazing. All the best ~til next time.- Jackie ❀



  1. Dear Jackie, what an inspiration you are with that beautiful smile through so much pain and distress. You are definitely one very strong daughter of Heavenly Father, and are definitely making your one life here count. I saw that you found my wordpress blog and are following me. I hope my posts (when I can get them up) will be as inspirational to you as yours are to me (the ones I’ve read so far). I’m now following you also, and have bookmarked your blog as well so I can come back and read more of your previous posts. Keep asking for Priesthood blessings to help you through your many, many trials. Priesthood blessings, personal prayers, the prayers of faith – these are powerful β€œtools” to help us on our often painful mortal journey. I often ponder how Christ suffered for us, more than we can comprehend, so I try not to complain too much at my minor trials. Trials are given to perfect us, if we let them. You’re heading in that direction with your uplifting attitude and beautiful smile. Keep smiling! Such a blessing, too, that you have a wonderful eternal husband and beautiful children. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Ann. Ty oh so much for this beautiful and wonderful comment. It was much needed to hear. As we all are a work in progress, I try to be positive and uplifting as I can. But we do have those not so good times. I am grateful for the priesthood and how blessings are so comforting.
      I have found through out my days to follow others. I try to stay away from negative and awful remarks. I want to help support all I can And you are one of them to follow along In your journey. I to hope you are well. Thanks so much. We’ll sure keep in touch .

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