As I’m in my 2nd week of recovery ACDF Surgery. My voice comes and goes. Still I’m feeling pain and very uncomfortable. Yet, that won’t stop me. I go to my first post op visit with Neurosurgeon in the morning. So I will then ask him if I’m able to be free of resting lol and get back to life. The surgery has helped in many ways as my spinal cord isn’t flattened. I’m not forward anymore, its straightened out. My pain in my back and shoulder-blade has gone. The only thing is the nerves in my body and my arm with losing grip and it’s numb/shooting pain still there. Of course I have pain and pulsating pain in my neck/shoulders and back of neck. Yet, that may be normal. After all he had to get rid of two discs and put screws and plate and cadaver bones in my disc spaces. And had to open up the canal to make room for spinal cord. He had to do a few things. Having cervical stenosis really bad is painful in itself.  My immune system takes time to heal. And well I don’t want to jeopardize this. So Yes! As stubborn as I am, I’ve been following orders..well… to a certain extent.  lol.Either way I’m recovery and resting a whole lot. I can’t seem to get comfortable. But I’m blessed to have a lot of the pressure off.

In time I’ll be healed completely, and that takes patience.So it’s okay that there is suffering. It’s okay that I cry sometimes because the pain is so rough that I can’t explain,especially with the pulsating pounding. Yet, I still keep going. Because I know it’s just a short while. I miss singing for sure!  I’m grateful to have this time off from work and school and life and just rest for my body. Clear my mind. And use what other talents I can. Especially writing. And listening to music of mine and others as well. Doctors aren’t perfect. Things happen.

Life still goes on and so I want to keep going. WIth a smile and grateful heart. Even in my hardtimes and pain .Other than that life is grand. I look forward to starting BYU Idaho online in SEPT! Still searching for our first home. And my family and husband and friends and well everyone is just so WONDERFUL. So are you ! May you continue to enjoy and develop your passions. May you conquer your dreams and trials. Be blessed despite what is bothering you. Know you are worth so much. Keep going.! Here are some songs I’ve recorded. And I went ahead and recorded a song today. It’s been a bit and it was painful but I SO ENJOYED SINGING AGAIN! I’m lucky I made it through. But I must strengthen my voice again ,even how painful it maybe ,yet it was so great to sing! 😉  This will do for now! ENjoy! Remember we are all different. We sound different. We sing different. We love different. We choose different. Nothing is wrong with that! Just keep being you! Always know that you matter. You are important. And that it’s okay to do and be you! Don’t worry about what other’s say. They have their own battles. Use what you have to help others in building them up. First off you need to be okay with you and build you up! All the best ~Jackie

First song I recorded since my surgery 🙂 I feel it now and my voice went down again ! worth it though 🙂

Chasing Cars ~


Prior songs ~

Dancing in the sky ~

Listen to your heart~

Thinking out loud ~

Photograph ~

Foolish Games ~









  1. Sending you lots of get well wishes 💖 and prayers while you recover. I will definitely check out your music! I admire your inner strength and outward positivity. I’ve heard good things about BYU-I’s Pathway program. I know one mom in my town who uses it and likes it. My daughter will be returning to BYU-I for fall semester.

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