Memorable Thursday~Never Forget <3

Hello Everyone that reads this. And if no one does lol that’s quite alright. Because this is mainly for my growth. But I tend to help others as well. Today has been an uplifting,joyous,amazing,wonderful,painful,uncomfortable,exciting,tearful,tired and blessed day.

You may wonder why it’s so wonderful if I have painful and other words to describe it. Well despite the bad, there’s more good. So it’s part of my day too. I must be honest. 🙂 I went to see my neurosurgeon for my 1st post op visit. It’s 2 weeks since surgery. My mother in-law was so wonderful to take time off to take me. It was good to catch up with her.  Neurosurgeon talked with me and my mother in~law took notes too. That way I behave lol. This is what’s happening now

Restricted ~no lifting over 15lbs,  no in-car over an hour.                                                            No BLT ( bending,lifting,twisting) Which I can eat the blt though lol. Give it a couple of weeks and see if then he will lift me to work again.  Need to listen to body and rest, heal, walk,heal, etc.. No vacuuming/sweeping/mopping. Cooking I can do if it’s light. Just getting back active but with restrictions and slowly. Mainly walk ,rest and let body heal.

I don’t have to wear that collar.. Darn, I was just liking my new necklace. Hadn’t decorated yet lol. So basically just take it easy, and let my body heal more. The nerves aren’t healed yet. My arm is still the same as it was and the pain is worse than when I had the surgery . My doctor ordered xrays to check how everything is and will let me know. I go back in 4 weeks for more xrays and check up. In the meantime, I just gain more walking and getting back to normal but listen to my body as I am still fatigued. Don’t rush it he says. All I need to focus on is just to heal. And really listen to my body. So I’m going to do just that. My voice is coming back. The doctor put a plate in my c5 to c7 area where he removed those discs . And the plate has screws. I told the Xray technican must be my new buddies. She said , Yep! The rest of your life. I said ‘Better not be pain in my neck ‘ lol.

The doctor explained that he locked down my neck some so it won’t have the movement it once was. And I had a  severe case of stenosis and that the 2 discs were needing to be took out and my spinal cord had no room to move. So he had to open up more and put the cadaver bones in where my discs were and use the plate and screws to lock me down. Which is what the ACDF surgery is with hardware. I was reassured everyone is different. And Mine was different and so they had to manover and get things situated. So in time I should feel more better and i know that my spine is straitened. My head is back where it needs to be and not forward. My shoulder-blade pain went away. So my body now needs more time to rest and heal and I must be careful and follow the restrictions. So I will do just that , as I said. And check back with them in a week or 2 , to see about going back to work as it’s a desk job. And we go from there. So I’m not disappointed. I’m anxious to work again, but now I’ll rest more comfortably knowing that it’s okay to take time. It’s very good to listen to doctors. And to follow the orders and heal. Never on our time. JUST NEED PATIENCE. My mother in-law, wrote that on the notes too LOL. Remember Patience. You know that word where we all think we know what’s best ? LOL>

I’ll give it more time. I’ll listen to the counsel. I need to walk more and make sure I’m eating the proper foods to help this fusion along. For my body will need it. No need to rush. My job can wait. I can only do what my body will allow. My doctor is concerned for me. Every patient he see’s is different. So he’s monitoring this. Make sure the hardware isn’t doing damage. Make sure my nerves aren’t damage. In order to keep track and see what’s going on, I must follow his counsel . SO I must suck it up and do so! It will get better. At least I can do a little more stuff now besides sleep lol. In the meantime I have an amazing support team that will help me in my recovery. It doesn’t fix over night. I’ll get there. I got the faith. And talking with a friend, I said we just have to have patience, the word we just love. And she said ‘ too bad we can’t buy it a the store’ LOL. I then replied, or get REFILLS LOL.. Just go to the soda machine and click REFILL MY PATIENCE .. 🙂 Humor is always good with me ~

IN OTHER GOOD NewS . I PASSED PATHWAY .. MY YEAR OF COLLEGE . MY GPA is almost 3.7.. I transferred over my credits so I start BYU IDAHO ONLINE in September. I opened my email and tears came to my face with a big smile. I DID IT! I accomplished it. I went to college and I am working on my bachelor’s. I furthered my education and through my trials and health trials, I was determined and I didn’t quit. I pressed forward and I DID It. I still managed to be a wife, mom, have my church calling, being sick, in pain, and etc.. and I GRADUATED . I got my certficate. I didn’t give up. Tears of joy. Seeing that certificate was the topping on today! .I am so grateful for all the leaders and my husband and family that helped paved the way. For my parents and family for all their love and support. For my pathway class,missionaries and friends for all their prayers/support and love. I really am so grateful. You can accomplish anything if you desire it. If you are willing to suffer and work hard for it. I would so love to go to hawaii or the beach lol or buy my vehicle as a gift for me for all my hard work. But I Got something that will last oh so forever. That’s the feeling and memory of all my willingness, faith,and devotion. I am learning both educationally and spiritually. Amazing. I may be 34 and going to college, but I’ll tell you , You can be 6 or 80, and if you have that goal, dream and desire, than only you can pursue it. You have to do it! SO DO IT! 🙂 Don’t let anything stand in your way. There were times I was so sick and puking . There were times when I couldn’t even move or my arm wouldn’t let me write and I wanted to quit. Or my sugar went over 400 and I didn’t quit. I kept going. I even taught through it one time. That’s because I believed I am capable of doing anything and I didn’t let anything stop me. I had my moments but I sucked it up and I MADE IT 🙂 SO HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY~ So This day is just great. Believe in yourself and keep going! You go for your desires and dreams. No matter how hard and painful it is. In the end, it’s AMAZING FEELING ~ All the best.. Till next time ~ JACKIE



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