Hello everyone! May the road your traveling in life builds you up more especially for the bumps you encounter. Always know wherever you are that you matter and are thought of. We all play an important role in life. We must continue to keep going to find that purpose. Keep shining and inspiring and smiling in all circumstances because that’s what makes you so special. As I continue my journey in my life if you’ve followed, I’m gaining more strength each day. There’s no need to rush. Just keep being grateful and keep going.

I was looking at old photos this morning. Thinking about how wonderful it was to be loved by not only my foster family but my adopted family. Not everyone gets that joy. My heart breaks for them because everyone deserves love no matter who they are. Sadly I can’t change the world but I can change my thinking and my actions.

Being raised with 12 siblings had its moments. It was really loud too Lol. My parents centered our house around love,christ,serving,learning and accepting others. I was taught as I can’t speak for my other siblings but I was taught discipline,compassion and enduring. Not only that but enjoy being who you are and growing in your passions. Some siblings was in gymnastics, clogging,wrestling ,music,and art. Parents would always try to be there to support each one of us or teach us. My mother taught me to play piano and my dad and I sang in choir at church with my brother Michael.

There had to be discipline and learning so when we got older we can become self efficient and be able to help not only ourselves but others we meet in life. Our family had rules and I remember then I thought it was stupid and I wanted to be like everyone else lol. You know you’re a kid or teenager and know everything lol.

Being raised as a daughter of God we had standards and morals. Being modest . Not wearing Make up certain age,not wearing non modest clothing. That means like bikini’s. In our church and beliefs our bodies are temples and we must treat them like it. Careful who you date, no sex before marriage,continue education etc..Everyone has their own taste. I never really got into the fashion or makeup stuff . That was for my twin,sisters,and mom. I enjoyed sports and outdoors and just well was a tomboy. I did have days where I wanted to dress up. Growing up if you read posts prior, there was alot of bullying . Not only growing up but when I was married prior. It’s hard. Makes you become something you don’t want to be. You lose yourself. As you get older and look back you think jeez! Why did I let others change me or control me or abuse and hurt me? You have to stop and realize that’s life. It takes time to learn . You have experiences and lessons that you learn. It’s a big issue in life but you Stand up for yourself!

As I look back and reminisce it’s just wonderful to see my growth. To see how simple little rules can have a big impact on your life. My parents had rules and guidleines for us to stay on the right path. It wasn’t to shut us out or be controlling. All parents has their desires and dreams for their family. Just as I the Same in my own family.

Of course now I’m older and I understand exactly what my parents mean from dating,makeup,grounding,clothes etc.. it’s to help us grow and keep our selfworth. Know our potential and grow in our talents,learning and trials. Only wants the best for us. To not be in the world and compare. To live through the world but with our own strengths,beliefs and morals.

As I close this post I will continue to treasure my life and memories and teachings. It’s alwAys a blessing to see and hear from my parents and those that played a part in my life. And always staying close to my siblings. Whether it makes sense to you or not ,I’m grateful for the learning memories. Family is everything ❤

Keep shining and inspiring and smiling and know you matter. Develop your skills and lead your life in harmony . Be you and not like the world. You’re pretty amazing. Find you memories .

~All the best ❤Jackie


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