Monday ~Special post ~Singing :)

Hello Everyone~ How are you all? I sure hope you’re doing well. I hope you are getting better each day with your trials,health,passions and whatever else you are working on. Always go through life with a smile and grateful heart. Life is truly short. You should always know that, and not realize it when certain life changes take place. I am becoming more grateful in my life. And it’s amazing how much we take for granted. Well , I do anyways. I can’t speak for yourself. Even though I’m that type of person.. I just speak lol.. More blunt and well I just have that type of personality I like telling people what to do. Not that I want to be a boss or anything, I just speak more bluntly and it comes off demanding. Just ask my husband and family hahahaha 🙂 I do it in a nice way though. It’s with a smile 😉 So if I write and say you should do this and that, well it’s your choice, but really you should !! SEE ? LOL. I always try to be better and I want everyone else to be better and to love, and appreciate, and see how wonderful they are.

It’s a new week . And the week I go back to work. Just waiting on my work to give the okay. In the meantime, I decided to strengthen my voice and I sang a few songs, So I’m going to post below. Not bad since it’s start of my 3rd week since surgery. It’s still a struggle but I’m hanging on and with a smile 🙂 I got my pathway certificate at church yesterday. It was wonderful to get a year of college in and transfer the 15 credits to BYU Idaho so I can now start in September and work towards my Bachelor’s in Marriage and Family Studies. I am indeed grateful for all my church family, my amazing husband, children,family and friends. And so grateful for all of you that take time to read,support,comment and just being you. We all have trials, but we all have passions and talents that can help us in those times. Just as we are all family in the whole university. We all should care and support each other. No one is better than anyone else. Just keep reaching for those dreams . We all have scars ,some on the outside and some on the inside. I personally have many on the inside and some on the outside, with a good one now on my throat. Am I ashamed of it? NO WAY! I don’t feel odd. I don’t feel ugly. I feel even more beautiful. For one It’s one expensive tattoo hahaha. It’s also a reminder of how strong I am. All my scars are a beautiful reminder of who I am and who I am striving to be. I have my flaws,and mistakes. I have my fears, like stage fright. But I keep trying and I keep going. You know what? That is even more AWESOME. Jesus had his scars too. They were the worst. He didn’t feel bad about either. He chose to keep going and deal with the horrible torture. You know why? Because of the love for all of us. For the love of his parents and that means EVERYONE.

I in life try to forgive no matter the scars that someone leaves me. I still try to be better with whatever scars I may leave someone else. Always look to the beauty of everyone. From the inside out. Never point out their flaws, their scars to humiliate them. Never just stare neither. We all have things about our appearances we would love to change, and this isn’t about scars now. We maybe over weight, too small, too tall, too round , too thin. Too much hair or too little. We may be big bone, big breasted, or too tiny . Our lips or eyes or chin maybe different. Our speech or color may be different. We may want to look like this person or that person. We may want to sound like him or her. We may want to be rich or smart like him or her. Well I tell you, we’re all human and we do think of that a  lot.. and you know what ? I know what ! STOP! I NEED TO STOP. WE all need to STOP. We shouldn’t compare. We shouldn’t wish bad things for others. We should want and desire more for others and what they need or desire. We should share and help develop talents with others. We should be grateful for all we have and what we work for. Everyone is blessed in many ways. We all have talents too. Just because someone has more of something than you , doesn’t mean they are more special then you. They may act really humble and share. Some may be hard and selfish. But we shouldn’t judge. We should hope their heart softens and they can help others. But that is FREE AGENCY.. AGain, I’m using the ‘WE ‘ talking, and it’s just my thoughts and from the heart, hoping I have others that agree on this. Judging is awful. If I would’ve had this surgery years ago, you bet I would save up money to cover up my scars. I would change myself because back then I didn’t have the courage and the confidence. I let people and the worldly things get to me.

Now I have more confidence and common sense. It doesn’t last long you know. We all grow older. We all lose things. We all get hurt. We all will die. We all need to just learn and appreciate what we have and just SHARE ! Share our talents,knowledge,hearts,love,money,time,and just uplift and keep going.  The world is hard. There’s so many personalities. There’s a lot of hating and crimes etc.. But it’s okay to start with you ,and help your families, friends and those around. Who knows, it might get better. So if you are reading this and you have your ‘scars’ and your flaws, and your mistakes, and your trials, and your doubts and everything, just know you are BEAUTIFUL for that. Because you are YOU! You make your life as easy as it can be and fight through those trials. Build yourself up and you let yourself shine through all the goodness and the badness you have. Because I know there is so much goodness and more greatness then bad.. 🙂 All the best.. Enjoy the songs. Enjoy your week. Enjoy your life. Enjoy yourself. Keep shining and inspiring and talk soon 🙂 ~ Jackie ❤


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