Hello Beautiful Peeps near and far. Hope as always you know I think of you and hope all is well. Going in my 3rd week since my neck surgery. Spine is doing okay. Pain comes and goes. More discomfort than anything. Still on restrictions but back to work . I’m grateful I can work from home and still recover. I’m most grateful for all of you that have and continue to pray for me. For your uplifting messages,cards,calls and just being there for me . I always try to respond back as soon as I can. I’m so grateful that I can continue to follow others on their journeys in life around the world. No matter if it’s in person, through letters or social media. I do strongly hope with all my heart that everyone is safe,happy,and well. That you all get what you need and desire. Always know there is a way. Never give up and always be true to yourself.

As I adjust in life, I’ve been thinking of all the help I’ve received in any form and the help that I continue to receive whether it’s by actions or physical,emotionally,spiritually or other ways. I’ve always been the one to help others too. Here’s my thoughts I posted earlier on one of my accounts. Always know you are beautidul,talented,priceless and amazing. – All the best till next time ~Jackie ❤

I’m grateful to be back at work . Its an adjustment . Been pretty painful and my voice is going in and out . But I’ll work thru it.Yesterday was a hard day of crying from morning to night lol I think I had it backed up for awhile of stuff going on and it just felt good. Thankful for my family that helped me thru it. Never in my life ive been like that lol I was in bed at 6pm and my husband got in late and we looked at homes online to buy. Gave me big hug. Sure have great hubby. I missed working and helping people . 2 weeks seemed like eternity lol because I couldn’t work or help. All I could do was be an ear by phone, messages or email or pray. I love helping others so much. I want everyone to be loved. Guess that’s why I loved being a nurse’s assistant for awhile. My heart is all for others. I try in anyway or I use all my energy to find a way. Guess I’m kind of like Christ huh? I’ve been helped many times. I believe in pay it forward. I’ve been and currently dealt with many trials I don’t like others to suffer or do without. Ive been homeless,without food,power,etc. I’ve been beatened,bullied, and so much more. And I grab to the atonement because Jesus knows. And because of my testimony and my strength I can help others that experience that. Because of being adopted I can help others . Because of WHO I am I can help others. Because of how I want to be I can help others. Because of my testimony,calling,knowledge, schooling ,love,compassion etc I can can others. That’s why I think working towards my degree in Marriage and family studies I’m going to do great at helping others. Because of my family,my husband,children, siblings,parents,and friends and extended family, I can help others . Because I was helped physically, emotionally, financially,spiritually I can help others. I know that we all can give time and help . If you can’t help physically you can other ways. If you can’t spiritually or financially you can other ways . Get it? Got it? Good lol . Never say you can’t . Never turn away others. That’s what i learned and pondered today.

Always remember you can help others in many ways. We are all here to uplift and inspire. Never forget and turn away. All of us inspires,has talents,and can help always ❤


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