Well it’s been busy and I don’t have much time anymore lol . Being wife/mom/student and trying to self publish one of my many books I want to do. Work on my music. Magnify my calling at church. Trying to buy our first home. Helping those in anyway I can. I just trying to find time to post. So with that said I’ll be making posts as often as I can. Whether it’s long or short. I’ve also been trying to cut back on the internet since I see it alot for school,work,and my other activities. I have found instead of talking about how I feel in the obvious ways from pain and opinions on life. I’ve tried to take a better outlook on life.

I started a I Am Blessed post. Each morning before logging into work and after everyone is took care of, I would post on my Facebook page which is My Inspirational Words. And on my private page for family and friends.

I would start it day : I AM BLESSED

Then I would explain why I’m blessed with also seeing another day and ending in blessed in all circumstances. This helps me try to make it a better day. That no matter how hurt I may be or angry or whatever,that I’m trying to see the blessings IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. And not just for holidays or special occasions. It helps change my heart and helps me better myself and those around me. Helps me be grateful in all that I have and helps through the day. Who knows you may want to do the same.

I’m blessed to have followers and to follow all I can around the world and help uplift and support in all you do. You bless my life . Always know you are a blessing to this world. Til I post again. Keep shining and inspiring and smiling. Know you too are blessed and thought of. All the best ~Jackie


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