Hey everyone. Whether I know you or not. I do wish you the best. If you’ve been following my site, you’ll know that life has had its challenges. Yet I’m still embracing. So I want you all too. Each day I wake up, I’m blessed to do so. I’ve had many scares in my life. Some I wish I didn’t have from the hands of others. But that’s why I’m stronger today because I never have given up. I’ve may have postpone my music and writing off and on. I never pursued my acting. But hey I still make people laugh, cry, and all emotions. Lol. Only thing is I’m not getting paid for it . Haha. And I’m not on the t.v. lol. I try to make others smile and laugh. Even when I’m not trying it happens. Sometimes I make them really mad or cry. Lol. Crying part is more of emotions of Wow!. Inspiring cry nothing bad. I don’t like having others feel bad. Yet, sometimes we all do that . Some not on purpose and others when you raise your voice some and feels like your insion going to break open in your throat hahaha. Hey , customers call chewing you out and you put your headset over on the file cabinet and she’s still screaming telling you what needs to happen. That loud.

Well what do I do? I first wanted to tell her to take a chill pill and Shut Up. I started getting fiesty. My voice started to raise and I’m like look lady i can’t help you if you’re screaming at me . Not my fault. I can’t understand what you want because I’m just hearing how my heart is wanting to come out of my throat lol. But she calmed and by end of phone I got her took care of. Better mood.Some I just hit the hang up button. Hey ! We all get mad and we all aren’t satisfied. But we’ll get over it. So guess what I did after that ? I…….

PUBLISHED ONE OF MY MANY BOOKS. WELL SELF PUBLISHED LOL. I’m not the greatest writer or singer and I don’t care. I have a great talent of love,passion,compassion, being funny,singing,writing,uplifting etc. Took me many years to realize. And we’ll I’m trying to buy a house with my Amazing husband and family . 1st one ever and going to college for 1st time. Working on getting a CD done. Helping others in their life and of course family comes first. But it takes money so ya,as good as I’ve been over years of “Jackie advice” lol whether it made you laugh or feel good. I need to charge Don’t worry not going to collect back pay family and friends. My heart cares much. But I have something brewing and feel good about it.. So I’m going to to start with my book of thoughts/ quotes and go from there. I know were blessed with jobs but anything helps right? And then if I’m really good then I can help support of getting your art,songs,books,clothes,makeup etc.

Whatever you do that you love to do, do it. I’m still on my stage fright. I’m sure you’re like What ! Really? Ya. I’m not a people person. And thats funny to say because I have 12 siblings and tons of Neices and nephews and they keep going . Im actually shy. Yes! Was growing up too. Unless you made me mad. I swear i could have been a good actress. I love life and emotions and just the experience. Ya. As the comment of being shy and having been around many siblings. My family and extended family like the energized bunny. They keep popping out babies. I’m grateful for that too. If they didn’t love children ,my twin sister and 2 brothers and I would never been adopted into a family of 9. So I’m grateful my parents love children and it ran in their genes. Lol I don’t have uterus anymore but I do count on my step kids to have tons of kids when they marry in the 70s lol . But I sure hope my family and friends and any of you out there if you still desire kids to adopt. Oh please do so. There’s a post I made awhile back of about adoption. We all need love. Just like support in anyway. And peeps? Don’t get offended if no one buys anything. It’s hard out there. I totslly understand because im like that. Its tough . But if i can then for sure .❤Thats why if you can at least listen,read,see,meet,or however you can support others, do so. We all need upliftment. Need support and love.Each day I’m getting better . Takes time to heal wounds and from being bullied and other things. So heal yourself each day. Reach for that endless sky of possibilities. Share your talents even If your scared. For you will grow tremendously. Trust me it gets Better. And the feeling you get of accomplishing that stepping stone whether big or small Is amazing. You haven’t even seen my little book, but let me tell you, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. Not only because I came This far ,but how I’m going to help support and inspire others to do the same. My heart Is just so full of gratitude. I want everyone to experience their desires. You should see that in you EVERY day that YOU are amazing and offers so much to all of us. Do not quit. You keep trying. Doors will open.

I’ll keep you updated. Oh keep going. I love following all I can anyway I can . You’re Amazing & so magical . Keep blooming. ❤❤❤ all the best ~Jackie


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