Hello beautiful peeps. Yes I love that word. Beautiful. You thought I was going to say peeps huh?Lol That’s just a bonus. Well life is still going from when I made last post. I’m just getting more out there. Spreading goodness for my personal progress. Which I’m still a work in progress and might be for awhile lol.

Fixing to go see my neurosurgeon for my 6 week check up. Just about 10 months to go lol hopefully fusion is doing well because I think I’ve had my share of health issues. I’d love a break. You know finally go to concert and shows. See family. Go to the beach. Disney land or world. Finally have honeymoon. Yes I have dreams and desires but I’ll always put them aside. As there’s so many that need service and one day I’ll do it. That’s why its a bucket list .

As I wait for my ride. I’m going to try to answer couple things today that over the years and recently others wonder. As this is my experience and my thoughts and feelings it’s not for debate. I’m simply just sharing how I feel since it’s asked alot . Plus I don’t have to repeat lol. As always thanks for chugging along 😙

Thoughts on adoption

I love it. I care about it so much and I Wish everyone could adopt. My twin sister and I were 2 months old and have a brother who was 1 and other brother 2. We were put into foster care. We were split up. My twin and I stayed in the same place. Our foster family who we still love and talk to today gave us a home for 3 years almost. They all loved us from their siblings and Nanny and papaw and so many more . We were there and stayed there til we were adopted. So much love and memories. So blessed there are foster families out there. We were on a show called Monday’s Child in Tennessee. Bill Williams shared our post of 4 “special needs” children.

We were adopted if you see in my previous posts to an Lds family. And before you ask No ! One man and woman. There isn’t poligamy in this family or this religion. That’s the branch off. Go watch sister wives if you are interested. That’s there business. Anyways. 2 awesome parents and yes my mom had all 9 kids. She still looks amazing. My parents adopted my twin sister and 2 brothers. Which they didn’t have too. They chose too. They have so much love.

It was hard because at times I felt I was an “outsider”. Many made fun of me growing up from my looks and where I came from and being mormon. I really had a tough time with being bullying. But i was so loved and had amazing time and still do with my ever growing family.I was always grateful we stayed together . I can’t imagine having no home and family. Especially my siblings. GRATEFUL for the Monday’s Child show. Grateful for our foster family and the amazing gospel. That is why adoption is so great. For you have a place. You aren’t bounced around and you are loved and treated as family.

Yes you’ll have challenges. But who doesn’t?It’s normal to feel different or not loved enough or not looking like the others. But as I got older I realized we all are like that. We don’t look,sound,see,feel,or walk like each other. We can’t be smart or sing or dance or draw or box or do other professions as the same. That’s why we are different. We all have talents and heart and a story.

So as I got older it didn’t matter. What mattered was I was loved and together with family and will be forever. There’s children and adults that need love . So reach out and share that love. If You have means to adopt then search and do it. If you can’t there’s always foster care or service you can do. We are all special with disabilities or not. With same color or not. All we want is to be loved. No one should be forgotten because we all came into this world to be loved,supported and leave all together back to creator. I could say so much on this and I have before but I’m Done on adoption for now.


When I got married 3 years ago I went straight into being a “stepmom” to a 3 year-old daughter and 14 year-old son. I was excited . I came from big family and loved babysitting growing up. At 21 I had my uterus took out and later right tube and ovary. So I just have a left tube and ovary. Maybe that’s why I’m so Mean. Lol. So much happened in that time of my life that I know Lord blessed me so much and still has. But it was a hard time and won’t get into it.

Is being a “step mom” easy some ask? Well Is life easy? No. Children need love and structure. I moved to ohio from living my whole life in Tennessee . I had to be both parents as my husband been a single dad since the kids parents didn’t work out.i supported him to go back to school. So I had to adjust having 2 semi previous wife’s around. I’ll just say I didn’t sign up for all this. They weren’t living with us. They just had their issues and hello who was this new woman around their kids ?

It’s been crazy drama and the 1st 2 years we had major trials with Financial, court,my health and hubby working and going to school for powerlineman. Now he’s working on his journeyman and were tryin to buy our first home which we both neither have done. Our son senior and daughter in first grade. I’m in school and working . So you see you’ll still be blessed with trials even when you have your desires.

I am not their mom. I don’t make it where they can’t talk about their mom’s. I’m known as momma Jackie and fine with it. I’m here to coparent with their father. To love,accept,guide,discipline etc. It’s not easy but I love them as if they are my own. I know their moms and their dad comes before me in their life. But I am here to love and not judge. When they are upset at their mom I can’t take sides. I can just listen. Not here to act like I’m better or degrade those they love.

It’s okay to be overwhelmed . It’s okay to feel left out. It’s okay to wish things could be certain way. It’s hard. I can’t explain in words besides I’m a mother too and shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Never compare. I am here to help my eternal partner no matter how hard it can be. For a mother doesn’t quit especially loving children. Especially unselfish thing is loving someone else’s and they don’t the same.

Always remember we all need love and support. If you ask remember do the same. I’m grateful for my life and family and challenges . All the best ~Jackie



  1. I’m especially moved by your acknowledgment of you are not their mom and when they are upset at their mom all you do is listen. I imagine it’s difficult in your position, a set of certain trials, but the way you talk, it’s clear that love is a primary motivator, which it should be. This was touching, thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hi there. Thank you so much. No matter the circumstances I am not their mom. But I’m a mother. It is hard especially when they are hurt or when they don’t see me as a mother figure at times and more of the Disney “step mom”. But we all need to work together. We build our family unit and when they have visits with their mom (seperate moms) that parts alright. Just having to show that I love them too. One day they will see the love and support. And all they’ve really known is dad .its been 3 years since I’ve been in their life and it’s been hard but a blessing too. You sure are right on the love ❤ Ty for the response and kind comments. Much needed


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