Hello Everyone! I am in hopes that you all are doing well. I pray for everyone around the world. Whether I know you or not. It’s so comforting to know that you are out there and have so much to offer the world. I am doing the same. I always try to put others first. I try to keep going strong . We fail at times. We need to be reminded we are important.

Many of you know that I’ve written some books which I’ll post the links below. After praying and consulted with others whom I trust and with my Heavenly Father. I felt that the best thing would do is to try to sell my books so I can pay of my outstanding medical bills.

In 2012 I was really sick. Was going through a separation, had no insurance at the time, and several surgeries before. My medicines were almost 2000 a month. Something was failing and they didn’t know what. I had breathing machines and also pneumonia. I conquered that illness. I then divorced and was getting better and healthier. I tried to pay my outstanding bills from that time in the hospital. I owe $7800.00 now and it’s 2017 going on 2018. They either want 1300.00 a month for 6 months or 250.00 every paycheck which is bi weekly for me. I believe in paying debts and I have always done so. Health has been a major challenge. 9 surgeries and all these tests and issues. But I never stopped. Here we have a family, jobs, and working on buying our house. This debt , I got letter today. So I felt that If I could sale my books, whatever createspace/amazon takes out of it , they will send me the rest. Which then would go to my account to pay that debt down.

My Amazon page. My 3rd book will be on soon and to come ❤

When I moved to Ohio from Tennessee 3 years ago, I had deductibles, got a job and what my insurance didn’t pay , I was left and it is 4000.00 .. So Sadly , I must pay that debt too. If I don’t pay both, they will go to court. Being around court systems since I was born, I feel I’ve had enough of it. It doesn’t help paying 20 dollars or 200 here and there, they want all of it. So I know I’m working and family has always come first. but this time I need to come first as well. So I’m doing one of the hardest things and asking, If you all would be willing to buy my books or book that I’ve really worked hard and getting myself out there, I’d really appreciate it.

I will not make a donation page or a gofund me. I believe that as I continue to work and what my husband and I can do and whatever I have from my books will help pay the debt. That way it’s still my hard work and I’m not asking for a hand out. I believe in serving others and helping them. I’ve done that all my life. And if you are like me sometimes and feel that you cannot, don’t feel obligated. I normally don’t post things like this. I am staying positive and I’m working with them, it’s just another added stress and It will help me so much. But your prayers, uplifting comments, love,support would really help .

So know that I felt this was the best solution as , whatever percentage is left from amazon/createspace gives me from making my books and selling, every little bit helps. And I’ll be paying 250.00 per check on my 7800.00 balance and figuring out on the remainder 4000.00 .. Remember we’re all worth so much. We all need help and we all shouldn’t judge because we don’t know how one feels in situations. I’m used to raising awareness and things for others., not myself..

Truly thank you for your love and support. Thank you for just understanding and prayers. Especially for your follows. You keep shining and keep the faith in all circumstances ~ Much love ! JAckie



  1. Jackie – it is with absolute pleasure that I have just placed an order for your books. Boy, we all need uplifting thoughts when we are feeling low! I know they will hold a special place on my bookshelf ❣️

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    1. Oh Laini, Ty so so much. I always try to reach out to others and share and support. I’ll still do. But in this time I just need little help and I can’t wait to put the last of my medical debt behind. I’ve worked so hard and continue Through my challenges. This truly means a lot. I’m not the greatest writer but it all comes from my heart. Ty so very much. Many hugs ❤


  2. Keep singing. Keep writing. Keep praying. I can and will continue to pray for you. I know the Lord is watching over you and will help and comfort you. Of course, we are His hands here on earth. Right now I’m stretched financially helping my youngest son and his wife. But as I said, I will pray that you’ll get the help you need. Financial debts is a terrible burden. BTW I don’t think it’s bad to ask for help. I had a grand-daughter with a Go-Fund page; her employer put it up for her, and she did get some help. If someone would do this for you, let them. People who know you know you and your husband are doing all you possibly can to help yourselves. Again …. prayers going UP for you. – Ann

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