HELLO THERE MY WONDERFUL PEEPS! I think you are wonderful. Even if I don’t know you. Why? Because I believe we all matter and there’s so much that you have to offer this world. No need to hide it. Just got to have faith in yourself and all will work out.

That’s what I’m doing with my writing . I’m so proud of myself. I am just adding more books and working on my own personal book. Heavenly Father sure has given me so much. Especially many chances. I start BYU-Idaho Online Next Monday ! WOOT WOOT! Growing up I wasn’t excited because I thought I wasn’t good enough. Well guess what? I am . So are you! You just have to make it a priority you will work hard and do your best. Then as you do that doors and opportunites will be open. Many blessings for sure.

Here is my link on where my books will be. I encourage you all to develop your talents and share them. If you would be so kind and buy them I could use the support. If you are struggling or just don’t want too, lol I understand that too. How else can I inspire others if I don’t get out there myself? So that’s what I do, or at least try too.

Sure grateful for work, home ,food, clothing, family, friends, a husband, children, gifts, compassion, willingness, and so much more. Everyday I wake up and I think of how blessed I am. Since I’ve been posting that daily. I haven’t really wanted to post like I use too. So many challenges are happening and tragedies are around us. There’s no time to wish for things we don’t have. When all reality we need to be grateful for what we do have. I hope that we all can continue to put differences aside and really love and support and help our neighbors. That’s not just saying from the recent weather storms or wars etc.. That should be everyday ! I could just be wishing that. But I don’t mind to keep wishing and praying and doing my part. I’m sure you feel the same . Right?


I’m so grateful for education and I’m so ready to embark on this wonderful 4 years of college. i know it will be a challenge but so worth it. I’m grateful for a wonderful husband that is so supportive and our kids. Along with many of you and family and friends. May you remember that life is to be learned through and tested. That just because things get so awful or really hard,doesn’t mean we should give up. Nor give up on each other. So much to see and be blessed with. I hope you can see it in you and those around you too. Til next time .. All the best 🙂 Jackie



2 thoughts on “BECAUSE I’VE BEEN GIVEN MUCH <3

    1. Thanks so much. I just write what I feel and what I am trying to say. Many say my grammar stinks or I don’t make sense. But that doesn’t stop me anymore. I have a story like us all and my heart loves to inspire and help.
      Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for following along

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