Where am I going ? What are you doing?

Hello Everyone~ If you are new to coming across my blog, I would suggest to start from the beginning in the archives in February! That way you have a sense of who I am and what I am doing. Sometimes I don’t even know the answer to that. LOL.

For the most part, I’m trying to finish my Personal Progress in Young Women’s at my Church. I had started this and continuing my Facebook page www.facebook.com/myupliftingwords ( hope that link helps, if not just search @Myupliftingwords in the search box on Facebook and there I be.

My goal in life is to treat others the way I always wanted to be treated.  I’ve always loved to help others,ever since I was little. I think that I grew to love doing that not only being raised as mormon when I was adopted. But also joining the church and learning from my family and those around me. My parents unselfishly raised  13 kids and has more love for others than I can imagine. Through their love, support,discipline,guidance,understanding,and compassion and especially enduring, I too became to love all God’s children. (That means all of us and those that will come). I’ve had many heartaches and mistakes and so much other stuff, yet I never stopped my faith, love, and believing in others. I support so many I can in all they desire. I guess now the lord wants me to do what I desire. So why not do what I so love doing and also make my dreams happen too.

It’s scary for me. I suffer depression and anxiety at times ,ever since I was little. I have stage fright that I’m working on. I feel that I write and sing and draw and act, and make others laugh and smile (and cry lol ) because that’s WHO I AM. And I shouldn’t change that. Sometimes it just comes out naturally and I’ve been told that’s when I shine and make others feels so good the most. Who knows! 🙂 If laughing makes you happy and you’re smiling in all circumstances then I’ll keep being whoever that is . That’s where I’m going. I’m going forward. I’m diving in. Yet, it takes a lot to get yourself out there ya know? I am busy enough. LOL. But if it helps someone it helps someone 🙂

Many say that my story or my thoughts/singing/ and just my heart full of love,understanding and compassion needs to be out there. Others are going to be touched by that. So if I can touch a heart or many hearts I will. Seeing that the world is getting worse, all I can do is get even stronger. My desire is becoming more and more to help wipe away tears. To help see all took care of and smile. So much more.

So that’s why I continue to write. To continue to sing. To continue to make my books and one day my cd. I want to keep inspiring so YOU CAN TOO!. I want to use my days I have on this earth for good and not waste away. As stated many times, no one is more important. I don’t believe in ”popularity”. I don’t believe in ”famous”. I know we label so many and  dream of talking to ones that you so love and have inspired. That’s just fine. But for me I try to just see that everyone for who they are and that we all shine. Granted I want to meet so many artists/comedians/authors/ and so on.. But not to be like ”Look who is following me or helping me or who is talking to me”. I want to give them a hug. To thank them. To see how I can help with their cause or concerns. I mean we’re all humans. We all have gifts. And We must Use those to help support one another. To me my heart hurts because I want ALL OF US AROUND THE WORLD TO COME TOGETHER . TO HELP EACH OTHER DAILY. Not just when disasters strike..

I am trying to uplift and use my gifts, compassion, service and other things that is uplifting and motivating to help. Not only to help understand myself but help my own family and extended family,friends, and those around the world. I do this on my time between work or moments that I have free. When you’re a parent and work and a wife and have church calling you don’t have much ‘free’ time. That’s why I multitask lol. Not to mention starting BYU-Idaho Online Monday Sept.11. I can’t believe I’m going to college. I know that my hard work has opened many doors and blessings in my life. During my trials and those around me with trials, my words, music, art or whatever I do inspires them. I  don’t know how many. But I don’t care on that.

I want to grow and understand and help others. That’s why I chose Bachelor’s in Marriage and Family Studies. I believe I can make a difference. Just as using my gifts for good and social media/internet for good. I see my blessings everyday. That’s why I’m still a work in progress. Because I have those days that I’m so down and the adversary tries his hardest to get me to stop. That he makes me feel like no one cares. I’m not the greatest writer and singer. I’m not famous actress. But by golly I can do wonderful things. I am doing them. I’m rising above and I keep going forward. That’s why I want others to do the same. We all have a story. I am writing some of mine on here. But also I’m working on my Journey book as well.

Speaking of books I have them being self-published. They are uplifting and motivational. I have gotten so much support from my husband, family,friends and those around the world. So if you want to check them out please do. Just so you know It’s not the greatest writing but ALL FROM THE HEART! It’s me. It’s who I am and not going to change that.

Neither should you. I want to continue to help and inspire and see you all grow. I’m following others more and more each day. We’re all God’s children. You are amazing. I can’t even imagine what you all go through. But you INSPIRE. Whether you believe it or not. You and your story and your gifts and your heart helps others. So please see that in yourself. Don’t be like anyone else. BE YOU! BE BEAUTIFUL ! BE INSPIRING. Open up and little at a time with your faith. Make this world better. Life is short. Life is hell. LIfe is beautiful because we all have each other to help lift us up DAILY! That’s what I’m doing and trying to do. It’s not about the likes, follows,and how many books bought It’s that I’m doing it. You’re being inspired and feeling my love.

Trust me it’s so hard. It’s hard because I don’t like getting myself out there. But I’m like I said A work in progress and I have a lot to offer. Good motivation. Good heart and in order to fulfill my life calling and dreams and desires, I do it little at a time. I may smile. I may cry. I may shout from the roof tops. It’s scary out there. I do it. Whether rejections or not. I know that what I am trying to do is helping not only me and those around me ,but one or many of you . So please, know in your heart, you can do the same. Dream big. Don’t give up. I know where I’m going. That’ is Helping others each and every day wherever I am . Where are you going? How are you getting there?

Let’s do it together! 🙂  What are doing ? Please SHARE! 🙂

Much Love ~ Jackie


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