Hello Everyone~ As I sit here and continue to have prayers in my heart for everyone around the world, my heart still hurts. It hurts because I have so much love for all. Hurts that I’ve been given so much and all I can do is pray, send good thoughts,and do whatever service I can. I continue to support all those I can whether in jobs, dreams, tragedies, deaths,sickness and etc.. You may not be religious like me, but I’m sure you know what I’m grasping and talking about. STAY SAFE EVERYONE WHEREVER YOU MAY BE FROM TODAY AND THIS DAY FORWARD. HEED TO THE WARNINGS AND HELP EACH OTHER ❤

You don’t have to be like someone else nor what the world would call “famous” to help someone. Really when you help someone you shouldn’t be recognized. If I was recognized for everything I’ve done, or for whatever you’ve done we would all have awards and comments endlessly on the walls. That is not what the purpose of serving and loving is suppose to be. Some of you may know I’m LDS (MORMON) and that may make you sick , make you not care, or mean something. I’m not the type to bang on your door or spam you and make you join and say I’m better. Yet, when I feel prompted to share I’ll share what I want and leave at that. From there you chose whether to accept, share, agree,comment,disown me lol or whatever. Just as I can for everyone else. Yet, I choose to accept you for you and let you make your mistakes or your choices . I’ll try to do what I can to serve and support.

Well “Mormons” are known to go around and serve endlessly and have been for many many years. It’s with unselfishness and love to do so. Just as many other foundations and groups out there that do the same. So I appreciate my church and those in giving service and hands in all tragedies around the world whether daily as feeding the homeless, visiting, clothing, or more like hurricanes,fires,earthquakes,and so much more. Thank you to the leaders and those that direct and the apostles, and prophets and so many more that make it happen . To be prepared and help assist countless hours. My heart goes to you as well ❤ I just need to get this all out and say it. For it just doesn’t get said enough. And more importantly a reminder not just in trying times but daily ❤

So I want to thank those involved in my church and the volunteers and families all around. Especially families and friends not of the church that help out or all you that support your loved ones in doing what they desire. We need not forget you. For without your constant love and support, no one would be able to do what they do. Just as if I didn’t support my family, friends and especially my husband in his line of work, it would be hard. So my heart and prayers go out to you. As we all have our challenges and trials and we all need to feel comforted. May we all support whether you are helping or your silently helping and still get the help and assistance you need when your loved ones are away too.

So really, this post that I’m making, is more of putting my thoughts out there. Showing my appreciation. Relieving some anxiety. Just being grateful and if it helps others to do the same to serve,love,appreciate,pray and whatever else, then that’s just a blessing. It’s also for me to do my part to take time out of my day working and doing whatever else I do as a mother, wife and servant of our Heavenly Father. I try to take time. When it’s appropriate. There’s only one of each of us. One of us that is unqiue, talented, amazing,and has so much to offer. We can’t set a price on that,as we are priceless. We’re all God’s children.Well from what I believe. Not trying to preach. Trying to express my heart. To help me understand what’s going on in todays world and what’s to come. To show that there’s so much compassion in each of us. We all choose and we all matter.

Like I said, my heart is full. I am grateful for starters for my husband. He’s an amazing father,companion,friend, priesthood holder, and an awesome powerlineman. He is unselfish, caring, strong, determined and hardworking. Some family members have met him along with friends. Some have not. I’m telling you, you’re missing out on my love of my life for eternity. We both as you’ve read my previous post, met in weird circumstances when we couldn’t stand relationships. We were hurt and had enough. Being a single father was challenging but he is ONE AMAZING FATHER to his son and daughter. I might add, an AMAZING HUSBAND to me. Even when I don’t see him much. He along many are gone to wade out the storm of Hurricane Irma. As with any disasters he’s always on call. That’s his job. That’s his love. That’s his choice. He didn’t choose this career just for the money. He chose it because he says he loves helping others. He loves the thrill. And someone has to do it. Someone has to be willing, prepared for anything ,smart, fit, strong, patient and huge sacrifice. I’m learning more of what he does. A lot I wish I didn’t. I don’t do electricity lol. Unless its plug-in music, tv, and computers etc for work .HAHAHA

He takes sacrifices and works hard. Doesn’t do it for attention or “look at me”. Yes, I’m speaking for him as I know him. I know how he is and how he does. He’s not making the “big bucks” as you may here. He’s almost 37 come October. So he’s preparing a way for his family. He is sacrificing so much for his family. It’s hard when he’s away. Hard when you can’t talk to him. You can’t have a phone up there and talk. No matter if it’s 10 feet in air or 80ft. Either way, I thank him each day. When I hear of disasters and storms or whatever needs to be fixed, well usually I hear from him first LOL. My heart feels up of gratitude. For one for GOd! To give him the knowledge, strength, spirit, and protection he needs. To look out for his fellow team mates and they do the same for him. For gratitude for jobs and benefits. For gratitude for company to hire him. I’m grateful for all others that are in that field of work whether in the past to present or future to come.

I’m most grateful for all the servicemen and women, and the many groups as churches, leaders, schools, unselfish others who take their time not just daily in our ever day lives but more importantly in disasters and other challenges. I’m grateful that I have in the past and continue when chances are to volunteer whether for food,clothing,shelter,prayers,emergency kits, support, and other ways to serve. So grateful for all those in the military near and far. Then and now . Those choosing to become. My heart never forgets really each of us. Some how and some way we always have impact on one another. I realize more closely as I see in my close family and friends whether it’s military, healthcare, police,firefighter,Ems,truck drivers, security,teachers, powerlineman,fathers,mothers, american red cross, and many more groups,jobs,careers that make an impact. I never want to leave anyone out. I may personally focus more on something or someone more here and there, and that’s not because I love them more. It’s because it may have more closeness, just as like my powerlineman husband.

We all have anxiety. Some more than others. We all may panic at times. No matter the disaster or challenges that arise that may be catastrophic event or simple as a cut or broken bone. No matter if it’s a fire or a breakup. Whether a life was missing or passed away. Whether you got into your favorite school or lost a game. Whatever challenges we all face. Whatever comes our way. I firmly believe we should ALWAYS ALWAYS LOVE AND SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER. To never let go of each other. To look beyond our race, religion,job,and whatever else. ALL LIVES MATTER. All lives are at stake. WE all suffer greatly whether silently or loudly. Yet, this is my heart pleading. This is my heart feeling . This is my heart praying and loving and supporting. I cannot and shall not make you change or tell you what to do.

My heart goes to YOU ALL. TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND HIS CREW. I know that God is the maker of all and it’s always in his hand. That whatever happens, will happen. Yet, we can be prepared. We can comfort and serve and protect , love and support in all times and not just Major times. We all suffer differently. We all work differently and we all love differently. YET I CHOOSE TO LOVE ALL. SUPPORT ALL .

I dedicate this to all in all to come. Thank you everyone around the world. Thank you to my husband and from his children , we love you. Be safe. Wherever you may continue to go after Irma and in the days, months, years to come, you’ll always be loved,supported and prayed for. Just as the same for all those in whatever place you will be and what you do. God bless you all. God bless me to keep my courage,faith,love,support,and strength to continue what I do and what I choose to do as a wife, mother, daughter,friend,supporter,student,and so on. May I continue to be blessed and work on my dreams and passions and get the help I need and support as well.

You all whether you read this or not, YOU MATTER. YOU’RE APPRECIATED. I may be one voice but that is POWERFUL. My prayers, my heart, and MY GRATITUDE~ BLESSED ❤


p.s. Hubby you best come home safely , we got a house to buy and so many years to be together and prepare for the eternity. We got our great kids who we got to show of gardening and what you dream of cows,horses, and etc lol.. For the most part I just love that I can be here waiting for you and supporting you. Talk soon my love.~ LOVE YOU ❤


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