One Year Since Our Sealing â¤ğŸ˜š

Happy Sunday Everyone. May you remember how special you are. Enjoy your day with your family and friends. Enjoy your day going to church to get renewed if you go.

As I get ready for church, I got to speak to my husband for a second via text. He’s still working hard for those in need as a power lineman in Florida. I know he is needed and his purpose on earth is doing just that and more. I would be lying if I didn’t miss him. But I am comforted knowing he is where he needs to be. After all I’m busy being a mom,wife,student,working and so much more. So I stay busy.

Today marks our year since we were able to make sacred covenants in Columbus Ohio Temple. Today means more to us then our normal “wedding day” June 2014. If you’re not familiar with lds religion, a sealing is where you can be sealed to your loved ones not just for on earth but all eternity. We believe that after we die we can be together as husband and wife and with our families forever.

So that personally to me is a wonderful comfort because all the test here on earth we go through I want it to be so worth it so it’s FOREVER baby lol . And I’ll keep my forever love with me and family . It’s just a special day and I know that as I continue to keep going and fight through the battles, I can have that forever that’s promised. I know there’s a life after this and it will n endless. Sad part is we have to get through this first. So if I have my dreams,desires, and promises as a target then I’ll do my best. It’s hard but so worth it.

I never felt more beautiful and special then on that day. I felt so loved by so many. I always wanted to feel like a princess. And to have family and friends there and I did. It was magical. Took all the pain and other obstacles I had to endure away and made my enduring so worth it. I love you hunny . You’re my forever . You’re my best friend. I’m here always and forever and praying, loving and supporting you in all you do as you do me. Will celebrate when you get back. Have that honeymoon we always wanted. Stay safe and Ty for being my forever and choosing me as your forever. Those that you are helping restore power ,I’m sure is appreciating you and many.

I know your family here does always. Love you more ❤

And for all those that read this, May you find your happiness with whoever . May you know you don’t need a “fairytale” story to know how beautiful,amazing,priceless, and wonderful you are. You have to see it in you first. Doesn’t matter if we believe the same. Just as long as we love and support and believe in ourselves and others, that will help us in our lives. Much love . Talk soon

All the best ~Jackie


4 thoughts on “One Year Since Our Sealing â¤ğŸ˜š

    1. Ty for that. ❤I’m so blessed to be able to support my husband and he the same for me. He’s doing wonderful things and so blessed he and others can do all they can to help ❤


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