So in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up too….Well first year of college on Week 3.. 3 classes (6 credits) Working towards Bachelor’s of Science in Marriage and Family Studies degree..It’s challenging but I’m doing it.. So besides that and working and being a mom and wife, and house hunting, and life and physical therapy on my neck and back for post surgery of neck. Then I went to do my Mri with contrast yesterday which I hated because I couldn’t hardly breathe. Tight space, don’t like. But I listened to good music 🙂 So I’ll get the results of that in next couple days and see what will happen from there.

I was blessed to give a talk on Foundation of Faith . So I’ll post it here in case you want to read it. It’s long but when I gave it, I totally was guided. And well it was a step towards facing my fear of stage fright. It didn’t matter if it sucked or not. I was asked and there was a reason , so I did it. I can do hard things. So can you. We have been looking at homes the past couple years and more full force last few months. And we know it’s up to God! So all things will work out when they are needed. But let me tell you trying to buy a house brings so so so many emotions and hard work LOL. But like I said , we’re putting the faith in God and we done our part. Things happen for all reasons so wherever we end up , then that’s where we need to be. So if you pray then that would be nice.

The hubby is back from restoring power in Florida . What a great example he’s been and so happy to have him home! So grateful for all that continues to help ❤ May we always continue to cherish our family and friends and those in hard times. My heart continues to grow and continues to send much love,prayers,comfort and support to all my family, friends, and all those around the world that are experiencing trials . Never feel that you’re alone. You matter and you’re thought of and if that’s all I can do, then it’s something. I want everyone to feel comfort and needed and special. Those going through very hard trials Just keep the faith and know in time you’ll get what you need. They may be just words but I wish I could do more than just pray and support you. Just sharing some love. Those in your talents, you keep going. You keep rising and you keep sharing. Never ever give up. Don’t compare . Keep doing what you do~

Continue to know you’re blessed. Continue to know you’re amazing. In hard times or good times you can always push through. Just take those baby steps. Enjoy my talk 🙂 Much love ~ All the best~ Jackie

Referenced my talk from Quentin Cook – General Conference Foundation of Faith (April 2017)



Good Afternoon everyone. It’s so good to be here. Not meaning up here on the stand… Meaning here at church and with my family and that includes all of you. Which works well with the talk I was asked to be given. Jed had called while I was trying to talk to Chris while he was on storm damage in Florida.

The signals were bad. And at the time, I didn’t know who was calling. But then Chris had to go. I then received a text messaged stating it was Jed and for me to call him a second. Right then I knew why. You see, even if you’re behaving and doing what’s right, Heavenly Father sees and knows all. Just as I was asked to give the opening prayer last Sunday. When I went on the stand, I thought, ‘’Man! I give more prayers than talks here. That’s awesome. At least I can pray good.” Something on the lines of that. Well, little did I know my thoughts would get heard for Tuesday night. When Jed started to ask, I told him I figure I knew what he was going to ask. I of course said yes. Then I thought Why?

I then knew why. It was because of my Faith in Christ that Heavenly Father wants me to speak. To have those that need to hear listen, whether it be any of you or myself. All part of Heavenly Father’s plan. Amazing how we quickly hesitate or ask Why a lot. That just means we need to keep growing our faith.

I was asked to reference the talk Foundation of Faith by Quentin Cook from April 2017 General Conference. This talk is a perfect example how to keep our faith and work on building up our faith. I loved this part of his talk which I quote:

“In our family, there is one event of a similar nature that stands out. When our youngest son was about four years old, he came into the house and gleefully announced to the family with great pride: “I can do everything now. I can tie, I can ride, and I can zip.” We understood he was telling us that he could tie his shoes, he could ride his Big Wheel tricycle, and he could zip his coat. We all laughed but realized that for him they were monumental achievements. He thought he had truly arrived and was grown up.”

What an accomplishment that this little boy felt. He had so much desire, excitement and faith in himself. Same as whatever we may do in our lives. We must start from somewhere.Just as the title ‘’foundation of faith’’. Ask ourselves where is our beginning point? I personally feel it’s the start in premortal life. And then when we came to this earth and were born. As we take steps and as we started growing up and making choices for ourselves. The cycle continues. We must have faith to keep going. It all started somewhere.

As stated in Cook’s talk  I quote “We rejoice in these events; they should not be diminished in any way. But for enduring faith and to have the constant companionship of the Spirit, there is no substitute for the individual religious observance that is comparable to physical and mental development. We should build on these experiences, which sometimes resemble initial baby steps. We do this by consecrated commitment to sacred sacrament meetings, scripture study, prayer, and serving as called.”

I personal feel that we must always build our faith up and have that pure foundation. That’s all part of the atonement and renewing our covenants. For we have a chance to rebuild ourselves and fix and repair the damage to our temples. Our body is a temple. It’s a work in progress. Pure foundation that Heavenly Father created and that our Savior sacrificed so much. If he didn’t have a sure foundation of faith in his own life, he wouldn’t have done so much for us. Just as the same as what we are doing in our life. We would learn and grow and make choices and believe in something or try things if we didn’t have faith in it or ourselves that it can happen. Our Heavenly Father wants us to learn. He has set forth trials and just as the little boy being so excited for riding his bike and tying his shoes by himself. He had the mind set he can do anything.

As we can have that in our hearts and in our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We can do anything, but not by ourselves. We must take those baby steps. We need the constant companion of the Holy Ghost. Not just on Sundays. Not just when we get married, or go on a mission, or start a new job or new project. We can be excited and have faith in ourselves, but what happens if we stumble? If our temples fall apart?

If we don’t have that stable faith and sacredness of accepting our lords help, the adversary will get in and he will destroy in every crack that he can squeeze. Which then we start losing our faith and there for the foundation starts falling apart. Our faith in ourselves, our family, our Heavenly Father and Savior, diminishes. And then we are left with nothing. No hope. We start doubting more and fearing more.

Another great part from Quentin’s talk that I’d like to share and it would be great if you can go home and ponder and read this talk from Quentin Cook.

“Adversity should not be viewed as either disfavor from the Lord or a withdrawal of His blessings. Opposition in all things is part of the refiner’s fire to prepare us for an eternal celestial destiny.14 When the Prophet Joseph was in Liberty Jail, the words of the Lord to him described all manner of challenges—including tribulations and false accusations—and conclude:

“If the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.”


Just because we have trials and sometimes many at one time, doesn’t mean that Heavenly Father wants our faith to be destroyed. We’re here to be tested. To be tempted. To choose. Not just for this life temporary but for our eternal life to come. We’re being built up. The foundation of our faith is being built each day and faith is what powers us to become what Our Heavenly Father wants us to be. We may not see that now, but doesn’t mean we can’t have faith and believe in it.

So, let’s keep each other’s foundations solid. We are all Family and God’s children. No sheep as it’s said should be left behind. Neither should our testimonies and our strength be diminished. We will have times where we fall. Where we make bad choices. Our temples will either start to crumble or fall. Doesn’t mean that it’s the end. That’s all part of having faith in Our Savior to help lift us back up. Having each other to pray, visit, strengthen, teach, love and support to bring each other together. To keep our eyes on the fullness of the gospel with prayer and scripture study. Not to do so in a hurry. To do so with an open mind and heart. Ask questions. To build ourselves up and what we know to be true.

Just as Joseph smith as a young boy knew that he had so much faith in what he seen and knew to be true. Which brought us another testament of Jesus Christ and other scriptures. Look how much growth the church has grown since Jesus came to earth? Since the fall of Adam and Eve. So, everyone has their faith tested since the earth was created. And we will continue to do so. Look at all that has happened because of their foundation of faith. That too can be in our lives and our eternal life to come. You never give up on your faith. Don’t put aside what you so strongly deep down inside know to be true for unwanted things or unnecessary choices of the world. Grab that faith and stay true and let it build up forever and have that constant companion of the holy ghost with you always so your temple will not be destroyed and that you can return to our Heavenly Father and all those that can be with you. The world is waiting for each of us to help and we must build up to take on the world and know that is why we are here.

Never forget that. Never forget your love and that you are made of God and he makes things so remarkably beautiful and that if he built you as a temple, IMAGINE WHAT HIS FOUNDATION OF FAITH IS TO YOU? IMAGINE IT JUST AS WHAT THE SAVIOR DID FOR YOU~ Can we do the same for each other and those we meet and remember why we are here. Please ask that in your hearts. Get the help you need to stabilize so you can be more secure and grow and not tear down what was created so beautifully for us.

We must grasp a hold of what we know in our hearts to be true. To see and believe in all faith and hold fast to our foundation. Take the baby steps necessary such as scripture, prayer, family home evening, visiting and home teaching. Going to the temple. Providing support to all those we can and help serve. No matter how big or small our faith can be at this moment, we must exercise it.

In closing I would like to have you ponder this, if we have so much desires and efforts we put in to worldly things and so much faith in ourselves that we can have that foundation in whether in our marriage, family, relationships, school, work, talents, and other things we spend our time and efforts trying to become better. Then Can we use that much effort and our strength and build our Foundation in Faith in God? In our Savior? In each other? If we have so much faith that builds us up to becoming better in what the world wants us to be or how we want to be or look or do? Then why can’t we do the same and use it spiritually for our eternal foundation in putting more faith in ourselves in the righteous choices, in forgiving others, not holding grudges.

Not comparing. Not coitizing others for whatever they choose to do or become. We all have a choice. We all god’s children and we must all find our faith in our own way. But judging and pushing away each other and not helping ourselves and each other no matter who it may be to grow our temples. To make sure we’re steady. To see the excitement of what we accomplish. Why can’t we make that sacrifice? This is eternal sacrifice not just a temporary. But we got to start somewhere. Why not now. Make steps to grow and not compare. To not think that our foundations and our faith are better than each other. We need to all be prepared and have faith every day and little more each day. Build our temples up and become what Heavenly Father wants us to be.

I chose to have faith in that. Faith in everything that I do no matter the trials that I face. To choose to keep my faith and when I crumble I build myself up and that is with the faith knowing Heavenly Father and My Savior are with me every step of the way. Even if it’s the smallest step. To hold fast to that rod. Not let the adversary win what I work so hard for. Just as you should do the same.

We all know where we need to be and what we need to be doing. How many reminders do we need? As many as the lord will provide. He has his ways and most of them are testing that faith. Every decision. Every trial. Every mistake. Every judgement.

We should choose what does our Heavenly Father and Savior want us to do? Is it for us? Or for them? Does the worldly foundations of popularity or mess up our plans seem better than our spiritual faith? I strongly believe that as I at least try then I’ll keep being healed every step of the way. So, can you. But we must be willing and we must start building something. For we can’t have someone else do it for us. Faith is so important in all aspects of our earthly life but more importantly our spiritual life and eternal life to come.

So grateful for the gospel. Grateful for the free agency and the knowledge. For our prophets and leaders. For all those in my life. For an eternal companion where we can grow together in faith in each other and in our family. That our children will see the impact and know for themselves to start building their temples and their faith more each day. Same with our extended family and those we meet. I’m forever grateful for the atonement for my savior who made it possible that when I crumble and when the adversary or judgement of how I am or how I should be comes from others, that I know for sure I’m a daughter of god and I’m beautiful inside and out and that I’m growing my foundation of faith no matter how many times I must be picked back up. That I won’t let that interfere with how Heavenly Father sees me or my Savior and neither should any of you. I testify that this gospel is true. I don’t have to see god or my savior to know it is. Because I Without Doubt Believe it to be true with all the faith that I have and growing and will not ever deny it. I hope to continue to do so and to carry my family along with my companion to the eternity’s and in hopes we all come together with no one left behind.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Jackie (2017)





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