Hello Everyone! Thanks for all those following or dropping by. I don’t have enough time in day to write everyday. So I’m trying to write when I feel inspired. As many of you know we’re trying to buy our first house. I’m going to college,working and being a mother and wife. And so much more that I try to do. It’s crazy! It’s fun! It’s emotional! Yet, I must keep the faith and strength. Got my mri results from my back. Now just waiting from my physician to tell me what it means haha 🙂 We’ll see!

Admist all the business in my life, I never forget what’s important. For starters my Savior and Heavenly Parents. They give me my agency, just like all of you. I must give my faith and trust all will be well in all aspects of life. No matter if things don’t turn out the way ”we think” they should. There’s always a purpose and reason behind everything. Yes, it will bring disappointments and other emotions. It shouldn’t bring you to have lack of faith, desire, and trust. It should make you believe in more. For you never know what’s to come. Just focus on the now. The day! The moment,second,hour and minute. Treasure everything and everyone ALWAYS! Don’t let opportunities pass up because of being buisness or not able. I make time. Family is priority. I try to not forget them at all. Even if it’s meal time, a walk, church, or whatever. That time is precious to me. So is communication. So is reading my scriptures and praying. So is serving and checking on family, friends, and seeing what I can do everyday to help someone.

There’s so much commotion. So much disasters. So much evil going on. I see and hear that. I know it’s happening and getting worse. Instead of focusing on that, I try to see what I can do daily to help someone. In all the world there is more blessings,peace,love,hope,and kindness. We just have to look for it and see it. My heart always goes out to everyone that is having trials. Whether I know you or not. There are millions and millions of people. I can’t name them. But my heart can hurt for them. My heart can love them. I can serve, pray,help,love,comfort,and so much more. I must stress I try to do this always and not just when terrible things happen. Sadly that happens daily. May not seem so bad to one than the other. We all feel different. This is how I feel.

My faith grows and my love grows. My heart breaks and it softens. I want everyone that I know that’s facing hardships or devastation to feel comfort and support. To know you’re never alone. For all those around the world to feel the same. Never compare what’s happening to your trials. I want to as the savior did, comfort those that need comforting. Mourn with those that need to mourn. Love those that hate and forgive those that need forgiven. Some may think that is silly of me. But a heart wants what a heart wants and I want EVERYONE to feel safe,loved,supported,and comforted.

So really in this world of sadness,gladness,evilness,goodness,miracles,and blessings. Always be true to yourself. Seek the paths you want and need to go on. Seek for righteous and blessings and not things to destroy. Open your heart for compassion and understanding. May we all support and love one another in all the talents,good,bad, and just give freely without expecting something in return. I may just say this as it’s whats on my heart. In all the pain and suffering around me. Whether my trials or those going through. May you know how deeply loved you are and you’re never alone. WE ALL MATTER! WE ALL NEED LOVE AND SUPPORT! WE MUST KEEP GOING.

Much love to all! All the best~ Jackie


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