I wanted to do more than just pray and give my thoughts of love and comfort for all those that have needed it more than ever. With all the disasters and tragedies happening and happened. I figured I would sing a song. A song that we’re blessed by the artist to share. I don’t care how I’m singing it. It’s how I feel and what I wanted to do for all those who are suffering. More of saying I’m thinking of you and Hope that you’ll find comfort.

May we all use our talents and gifts in all of our days. May we stand together and uplift and not tear each other down. May we know we all matter and life is short. To always remember why we’re here and where we need to be. To give unto each other and love and support endlessly.

God bless and sending prayers and love always and forever. My heart is always full and still has room for so much more. All I wish is for everyone to have happiness,find their joy, be safe,loved, conquer all their dreams and desires. For I’m blessed with an amazing husband and family and friends. So why not share that with you as well. For you are worth it. May not be worth much to you in this post, but to me it means the world and the thought that counts. STAY SAFE! BE WELL! KNOW YOU’RE LOVED. No matter what trials we face or are facing, that we’re never alone. Stay strong.

Much Love ~All the best~ Jackie ❤

Dancing in the sky ~


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