HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEEPS~ I surely hope you are doing well. I pray for everyone around the world. I don’t have to know you to care. You may not believe in God and that’s your business. But it’s my way of saying at least I’m thinking of you and wants what’s best. As you know we all get upset and some go over the deep end. There’s a lot of tragedies and sicknesses and so much more within our own lives and around us.

Many say you just got to smile and be grateful and move on. Well that’s fine and dandy but you must express your pain and hurt and other emotions. SO DO IT! Of course constructively and in a positive way. Release those emotions. Whether through writing,singing,dancing,art, calling someone, seeing someone,vacation, sleeping, reading, or traveling. Whatever your heart desires. IT’S QUITE ALRIGHT.. Don’t put a time limit on yourself neither to be free from the hurt.

We all hurt. We all have pain. Sometimes it’s shown in anger and I’m not one to tell you that you shouldn’t act out. For we all have our free agency. Yet, my opinion is to try to take time for yourself or seek out someone or many that can be there for you. It’s so hard to trust in the world. I still have hard time trusting. I act out sometimes too. You do hurt the ones closest to you, and not meaning too. But that’s why I believe in God and our Savior because of the Atonement that for me, I can feel better that if I do wrong or treat someone wrong then I can be forgiven. Even if no one is around me or my husband to be able to unload my burdens or talk. Even if my talents I don’t feel like writing or singing or art, I go to my Heavenly Father in prayer. For me it brings me peace and comfort. Yes! I may not see him. For me personally I know he’s there. He’s there because I know deep in my heart he loves me so much and he created me. I’m becoming the person he wants me to be. Same with you. YOU’RE AMAZING AND DON’T EVER DOUBT THAT AND DON’T LET OTHERS SAY OTHER WISE. YOU BELIEVE IT YOU HEAR ME? YOU! YOU ARE SPECIAL AND YOU JUST KEEP BEING YOU!

For God has been there through the hardest of times when no one was there. He’s always and still is in the good of times. He never fails me. I should never fail myself neither. That’s why I try to keep going and find joy in all circumstances. But when I hurt I hurt .When I was so upset crying and pleading in my relationships, and other tragedies and screaming,crying,and throwing myself to the grown to take all my pain away. Did he? No! He gave me strength and peace to over come . He gave me a way to serve others which then I was able to soften my heart. Even though I focus on serving others and family and friends, I still need that time to release.

I need to be upset. Upset in the way to release emotions that I have. OR when I’m physically in pain or around me there are those suffering too much or in the world, that I say it’s TOO MUCH! STOP! LET EVERYONE BE FREE. SEND MIRACLES. So Yes! It’s okay to be upset! It’s fine to cry! It’s fine to not have that smile on your face. It’s fine to tell others You’re having a hard time. Whether it’s an hour,days,weeks,months, or even years it’s FINE! YOU HURT! YOU’RE EXPRESSING.

What’s not fine is you not doing anything about it. What’s not fine is you not seeking help or guidance to get through. You can only do so much alone. We all need each other. Do you think all us that lost loved ones  or homes or without food ,clothing,and shelter can do anything by themselves? NO! It takes each of us to help one another. Everyone is upset and hurting . We have all emotions. But we’re helping each other in disasters or when there are funds that need to be raised for schools,fundraisers,illnesses etc… Instead of just focusing on those big events or disasters. How about we seek out and help those every second and every day of our lives to the end? Let others walk with you. Let others talk with you. Let others help you. If someone asks you what they can do for you LET THEM ! You choose whether it’s a message. Whether it’s an ear to listen, play some music, go to a movie, fix a dinner, or just sit there in silence. You don’t have to right then and there. But we’re all there for that moment and on.

All I’m saying is we all hurt. We’re all facing trials. We all have hopes and desires. We all have tragedies and trials. So we must express. We must release. In our own time. In our own way. Let’s just remind each other that we don’t have to be perfect. We don’t have to have a smile on our face 24/7. We don’t need to suck it up everytime something happens. Remind each other that we’re here to grow,learn,teach,and understand. To be perfected. Without each other we wouldn’t be where we are or going where we are. Some may believe they are doing it themselves. Yes! It takes you to do it. But we all have a way of helping others and that’s supporting whether physically,spiritually,financially, or emotionally. So we can’t do it alone. We shouldn’t be alone. And for one GOD NEVER LEAVES YOU ALONE!

This is what I feel. It makes sense for me. May not for you. But since there’s so many hurting and so much going on it’s a way of saying I’m here! You’re here! We’re all here! IT’S OKAY TO HURT! Just keep going and not give up. That’s all I want you to know. And that you’re loved. You’re amazing. You’re not alone!

Much love ~ All the best~ Jackie


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