Hello Beautiful Peeps~ Hope you have had a wonderful Halloween. My favorite memories is trading candy in the basement with all my siblings. One good thing about having 12 other siblings, loads of candy and better chances of getting the big stuff LOL. More importantly the memories to look back on. I hope everyone is safe and well ! It’s always wonderful to have traditions and take out time from your life and enjoy those around you. That’s what life is all about . Well for me anyways. Being together and enjoying the journey. That’s even with meeting new people.

There’s so much I’d like to share but really I wanted to update my blog and let you know that I am continuing to pray and support all I can around the world. I know I have my own family to do so. But I have a big heart and my heart gets bigger each day. Besides knowing I have my Savior and Heavenly Father in my life, as they support me. I want to follow them and let others know the importance of support. It doesn’t always have to be financial support. You can physically,emotionally,and spiritually. Whether just by a smile, prayer, or helping hand. Whether you go to a game, recital, class, home, store, or movie. You can support others in their talents, fears, gifts, schooling,church,work, and so much more.

We all are given talents and gifts. We all have fears and doubts. We’re not perfect. There may be times or many times we feel lonely, desperate, hurting, not wanted and so much more. I plead with you,especially during those times, KNOW YOU ARE AMAZING. More than ever because you are enduring. That means you are living proof and an amazing example. Never lose sight of your worth and your strengths. No matter how hard it is. You don’t have to know the person to support. Many that follow me, I don’t know you and I support and care for you. I try to follow all I can in person or on social media to help their desires, wants, or needs. Granted I can’t do that for everyone as there are millions of us. But how amazing is it to keep you in my hearts and prayers and thoughts? That I can do. I can only try to do what I can. So you can do the same. Your choice though! Not telling you what you should. Only suggesting.

We have challenges and we all need to overcome them. Being supportive and not judging and bullying one another will help all of us get through. It’s truly heartbreaking to see all of us comparing or judging. So many that are out there hurting one another or in the music and movie industry. Whether in fashion, events, or other creative places. So much judging. We shouldn’t judge one another by our gifts or talents. Neither should we compare. We are all unique in our own way. Granted I know there are many that can write better and make more sense with their writing. Do I let that stop me? No! Because I’m only speaking how my heart feels. How I want to do it. I am unique and different. I can’t help and support others if I can’t do it myself. I’m working on my stage fright and rejection issues. That has built up over time due to bullying, not fitting in, and bad relationships. I’ve learned to change what needed to be changed. But then I learned who I AM ! And I love me. I love all of me with all the flaws and the mistakes and you should feel the same.

Life would be so boring if we all were the same. That’s why if we support one another and help one another whether it’s daily or for our dreams and desires, we can learn. It will make life more exciting, emotional, amazing and a growing experience. Makes me so happy to support my husband, children, family and friends in any way I know how. Not just one time. ALL THE TIME! Yes, they do the same for me in my writing,singing,art, or whatever else. Same with school, church, family, friends, gifts,talents, desires,dreams, challenges,illnesses,losing loved ones, and so much more. There is so much to enjoy in life and so much to endure. So why not do it all and find the joy in all things while you endure the good and bad. And that is WITH EACH OTHER.

Brings me joy to see the love of my spouse and children on their faces and excitement in their accomplishments. Same when I do something great. Brings me joy to know that a hug, letter, sweet message, visit, gift, or saying I am here for someone else. Brings me joy to want to do more when I follow, like, or comment on someone’s post,even if I don’t know them. To show you HEY! I SUPPORT YOU! If that is what you feel or love doing , then I am here for you.

Makes my heart grow in love,compassion,understanding and so much more when someone I know or don’t know is going through things. It could be anything. To them it may mean so much. Yet, to us we may not understand how they are feeling. But I am glad I can be there to help and enjoy and love them. I am glad I can let them know they aren’t alone. Even if it’s far away or if I’m close by. Whether you’re a stranger or not. You don’t have to know everything about someone and their challenges. You don’t have to have them respond back if you do something for someone. There doesn’t have to be an award, money, gift, recognition in someway for every good deed you do. All you need to do is support one another in any way you know how.

Cry with someone. Hold someone. Sit with someone. Write someone. Go listen to someone. Watch someone. Surprise someone. Love someone. recognize someone. Whatever you can do BE YOU AND SUPPORT SOMEONE. Not just one time. All the time. Whether they need it physically,emotionally,spiritually, or financially. There are ways and if you can’t do it, help them find someone who can.

Be of comfort and show compassion to those that are suffering. Help each other endure life. It would be nice if they do the same for you. Just don’t make them do it. Help each other anyway. You will find that your struggles and your desires or challenges will be helped as well. Take time to serve others in their issues as well. Or take time to praise them and help their dreams and passions come alive.

I see many people complain because no one is buying their music or tickets. Or merchandise , yet they do it for others. I see others complain because they win something or are on a show or meeting someone ”famous”. There are many that complain about many things whether follows, likes,shoutouts, money, winnings,trips,awards and so much more. I can understand that we all have desires or wishes . That’s normal. But we’re all human. We all have our challenges. We all have our times where amazing opportunities happen. Just because it doesn’t for you at that time, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. May not be in the same way. But we’re all so blessed. So blessed with so much already. Try not to demand others to follow you back or like and respond. Don’t give up if you would like to meet someone who inspires you. Just don’t worship them.

As earlier, we’re all gifted and we all matter. No one is ”famous”. Some are more out in the spotlight. Doesn’t mean they are better than any of us. We all shine in our own way. We all are gifted in our own way. We grieve in our own way. Basically we all do things in our own way and that is just fine. We shouldn’t be alone enduring our life without each other. That we should all be doing in ONE WAY!

Have a blessed life. Continue your journey and feel the love and peace. See the beauty and inspiration in your own life. Know you truly are amazing and supported. Thank you for all those that support me in all I do. Especially those that help me endure in my own challenges. It’s a blessing in my life to share my heart and help you in yours near or far.

All the best~ Til next time ~ much love ~ Jackie šŸ™‚


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