Hello Everyone~ Everyone around the world. I know I am posting here and there. I’m never to busy to message,call,text,post,see, or send prayers to all I can. Even if I don’t know you by name. If you’ve been following you would see my posts are normally about someone or something else. I have everything I need. I’m working on my desires. One of that is music and writing. Which I am doing now. I don’t share often as I’m working on the fright. But I do share. This is one of the times. It’s not for me. It’s for you. For all of us out there hurting,grieving,struggling,in pain, and so much more. We all feel it. Whether for ourselves or for someone else.








I wanted to write a little song for ALL OF US! And to sing few songs that I woke up wanting to sing to share my heart. To give thanks. To say I’m thinking of everyone. I’m praying for everyone. I cannot stop what is going on in the world. Seems to be getting worse daily. Always know that just a single person likes me can take in a whole bunch of love,prayers, tears, and so much more. We all have seen and been in tragedies. We’ve all lost and continuing to lose others. Whether it’s recently, in the past or soon. Just please keep the faith and lean on to each other.

Use your gifts and talents for good. We all have them. Never judge others for we aren’t perfect. They are using their hearts. We have desires and we must shine. Be respectful in supporting each other in whatever they would so desire to be or do. Never look down upon someone if they are doing things you don’t agree with. Or if it’s not the same tastes,looks, financial amount, or other world stuff. I could go on about this but I am not. For this post isn’t to tell you what to do. Merely just a loving suggestion and saying I support, love,pray,and thinking of you.


My Heart Is Open For You

Many days and so many times

Heart break fills my soul inside

From challenges and tragedies

Too much pain for us to see

My heart is open for you

I’ll keep my prayers coming too

For always know there’s a place for you

Inside my heart , it’s the best thing I can do.

Wishing all the sickness and  heartache to go

Especially for all those killings and more

Life isn’t suppose to be full of hatred from any of us

We’re supposed to love and suppose to trust.

My heart is open for you

I’ll keep my prayers coming too

For always know there’s a place for you

Inside my heart , it’s the best thing I can do.

Wish I can  take your pain and wipe your tears away

You may not even no me but I just want to say

You’re amazing and you’re so loved

May you find comfort and love from up above.

My heart is open for you

I’ll keep my prayers coming too

For always know there’s a place for you

Inside my heart , it’s the best thing I can do.

Inside my heart, it’s the best thing I can do….

To show you how much I truly care and want comfort you..

( c) Jackie Hall

I testify that I know God is real and his Savior. That through all the challenges we face or see others facing, he will guide us with his spirit to give strength. Strength for ourselves so that we can help others in their time of need. For I am using some of that time, with this song and singing these songs. It’s a song of prayer, song of hope. Words of love and strength. May we forever shine in each other and bring together all of us closer. Stand true and keep following your dreams. You’re so beautiful and amazing. God be with us all and all those that have,had,and currently going too lose their lives. For whether it be by sickness, age, trials, or tragedies. My heart is truly broken for all and fully love for all .It’s a blessing to follow and support others along my journey. You touch so many lives.

You are never a number. To me your a blessing ❤ Much Love~ All the best ~ Jackie


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