Hello Beautiful Peeps~ As always I hope you’re finding the many blessings in life. I continue to send good prayers for all of us. Life is a big trial that we all must endure and accomplish. Just know you are worth it and have so much to offer.

Among the many things I’m doing in my own life, I have been pondering the questions in my title. Some have wondered why I even post or share my music if I don’t want to ”be famous” or go ”big”. Or why do I write if there aren’t many followers? They aren’t saying this to be mean. Just wondering if anyone pays attention. I mean what is Being famous? or Big? I don’t believe in that.  I believe that I’ve endured so much and continue in this world. That for my husband and children I can set examples. I use my gifts and talents ( that is what I believe to know I have ) And help inspire and uplift myself, my family,friends and all those I can.

I use my gifts of my heart, love, compassion,patience,kindness,understanding and so much more. I love to cheer up others, comfort,support,love,forgive,and serve. Using my words or my music is one way. Or if I take photos,do my art doodles, or something else. Either way I’m using what I was gifted from God and working on it so I can uplift and do for good. We all have gifts and talents whether people see them or not. I’m not wanting to be on stage or showcase what I have. Working on my fright I think I’d pass out if that happens. But if that did ever happen then I would do so because it’s for someone else that needs to hear or see it. Just as when I write, sing, cook a meal, make a call, or send a message. Or even say a prayer. Someone or many are needing it either that time or later. I don’t count who likes me. I don’t know who follows me. I try to respond if someone messages me.

So I have so much to offer and so do you. That’s why I do what I do. Not for my personal gain but to help others so they can do the same. We’re all amazing. It brings me much joy to see tears wiped away. To see smile on faces. Following and supporting someones journey whether it’s physical,emotional,or spiritual. Being supportive for them in their desires and what makes them happy. So If I can be that person I will. Same with whoever is doing the same for me.

I only have one life, like you. I only have one heart. So I can either choose to worry and waste it away or use what is given to bring more joy and happiness to the world. To deal with my own trials and grief and build myself up. Then I can be able to continue to do the same for others. Family is so important to me. So I am teaching them that it’s okay to be whoever you want and you don’t need anyone to follow that. As long as you’re doing something good and you believe in yourself, that’s what matters.

So in answering the title questions, I’m being me and loving the work in progress. I feel that everyone should do the same. Of course in their own time. We’re all equal and loved. We all have gifts and trials. So therefore we’re not a number, we’re human and precious. Well, at least in my eyes. So keep doing what you’re doing. Whether someone notices or not. You truly are inspiring. Just look at what you are made of . That’s the incredible part.

All the best ~ Much love ~jackie


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