Happy Holidays Peeps~ What a wonderful time of year. When it gets close to Thanksgiving and Christmas I am always filled with joy even more. Something in the air and in my heart that just beams of gratefulness more. Not that I’m not grateful all other 10 months. I truly am. I just notice even more as it’s my reflection moments when I feel the cool breeze on my face. When I put a light jacket on and still wear shorts and tshirt and my flops. Yes! Still in the snow too. I just can’t do heat. My body doesn’t like it. But I sure love the change of seasons.

I see the leaves change or fall around. The birds in groups. The many peeps running around to get shopping and other things done. Amazing how hurried things seem around the holidays. Yet, any other day it’s slow paced. One thing I value so much is the memories I have made over the years. Being with my family. Going to the beach together for thanksgiving and seeing who got the bigger piece of wish bone. Oh so many more and now this thanksgiving we’re making a big memory for my family. We’re buying our first house. YAY! And So happy to have this beautiful house and move in after thanksgiving holidays. What a blessing it is. All the hard work and continued hard work that my husband does and currently doing. I help too, but he’s the awesomeness one. Our children will be blessed in a beautiful neighborhood and we have something to call our own. To have them decorate and help build a small garden. To have family and friends over.

I know you don’t need to buy a house to have that. But just like my husband and I, we always dreamed of having a log cabin in the woods with wrap around porch and rocking chairs. Couple horses,cows, and a dog. One day will have our dream. But for now this is our dream and desire for our family. To hopefully stay as long as the good lord will bless us to stay. And we can make more memories as our son goes into college, or a mission ,or whatever he decides. As our beautiful daughter is in 1st grade and has many more to go. As I finish my years of school and the hubby works on his journeyman and whatever else he does. To show our talents and enjoy family home evening and visits and so much more. To enjoy a outside to watch the stars or drink hot chocolate. To go walking and feel safe. What a beautiful gift we’re blessed with and such an amazing couple to have cared for their home for so many years and bless us with this piece of their heart. So we can make memories too.

I’m thankful to learn to be more self-reliant. To use my talents and gifts to help others. I’m grateful for my husband and children in all they do and sacrifice. For all of our challenges which some were really hard. Because it made us stronger and more humble and grateful for what we do have and appreciate. It’s going to be hard and we still have trials and challenges, but we’re a family and staying together. So that’s what is truly wonderful.

I am just grateful to look at the beauty of the earth and all that the lord has given us. I am most grateful for the gospel and my family. They mean so much and all those that are around me. It brings me joy to comfort others and to share and provide service in any way I know how. We must be grateful and keep moving forward. Enjoying all days and never take for granted. To enjoy the journey with a smile and of joy in all circumstances. Help each other in need. So blessed and just appreciate all that’s given.

Take care everyone. Be grateful. Stay safe. Happy Holidays and Talk soon~ Know you all matter. Much love~ All the best ~ Jackie


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