Hello Beautiful peeps. It’s been a bit because life is hard but busy . Hope you are all finding your way in life with joy,happiness,love and support. Never give up on your dreams. Always be there for each other. That’s why we are here. To not leave anyone behind. We all grow because we each are special and provide so much on this beautiful earth.

Life has been crazy fun,tiring,emotional,hard, exciting and so much more. We finally closed on our house and moves. We bought our first house. The adversary sure tried and well he still tries but I am keeping my FAITH strong . So is my family. My husband is such a hard worker and so grateful that as a powerlineman he can help so many out there. Then when he can serve and enjoy his family. We’re excited to have our first home.

It’s been crazy getting to this point but we’ve learned a lot and let God take over. He knew when the best time was. I’m almost done with my fall semester. And will get couple weeks off and then go back online to do my winter semester. I’m truly blessed to work and do school, have a home, an amazing husband and a 18 yr old so. And 6 yr old daughter I can help raise . We’re a family and I have all I need. Plus the gospel, health,family and friends. Especially a big heart and my gifts and talents to help others. I love spreading and finding JOY.

Most grateful for all those that love and support me and my family. Through all our good and bad. It’s truly a blessing and you’re never forgotten. Grateful for this beautiful earth and be able to bless everyone I can in anyway I can. You can do the same. Not just for holidays.

I just wanted to say I’m deeply grateful,blessed, and excited for our new adventure. Enjoying the unpacking and making list of things we need. We’re a family and that’s the most important thing. In all the good and bad find joy. It feels your heart and makes you want to spread.

Amazing how getting the first ever live tree. The memories making it filled my heart with joy. Live with a smile. Laugh til your stomach hurts. Help without counting how many times. See the blessings always.

Always remember you’re blessed and I’m grateful to support all I can on their journey. Talk soon. ALL the best ~Jackie


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