Hello All you wonderful and beautiful peeps. I sure hope that life is treating you well. I am finding joy more and more each day. No matter if I’m suffering,in pain, during challenges, in my desires,weaknesses,and so much more. With that said, I still suffer and I do have bad days. As we all have those moments, it’s part of life. Yet, it’s quite alright to want to have those times. To let out the tears and the emotions. To really be who you are and express how you feel.

As I continue to be a wife and mother and go to school and work. I stop and savor the moments. How amazing our God is to give me such an amazing man with 2 kids that I can help teach,love,and respect. Though as I’ve said before I respect they have their own mothers, I am fully appreciative of being able to enjoy the moments. I know one day they will see the impact.

Just as helping putting our first home together. Yes, it’s tough. There are things we need and things we desire for it. But really I’ve never been so complete. We have a family. We established a place where we can decorate and compromise. I have a place where I can work and still be with the family. A new city and learning experiences. Though the process has taken many years and through when both my husband and I have went through previous divorces. We kept our desires alive. When we found each other we worked hard and supported each other. Now look at us? We’ve supported and continue to support and love one another. That is through all the challenges good and bad. Which then helps us complete our home. Build the light of christ in our home and in our hearts. That shows our children that even when there’s tragedy or torn relationships, you can still find the joy and happiness.

Why do I say that? when there are so many that have split families or no family? Because it’s true. It’s all in what you see and feel. If you choose to find the joy and happiness, or hope to do so, things will fall in place. As everything does. Just not in your time. But I know for sure it happens. Does that mean you’re done with challenges? HAHA ..No way.. That’s what makes life more fun. That no matter how much things get in your way, you must smile and be happy. See the happiness around you. See the blessings and joy.

Oh, it’s just amazing to look back and see how personally I’ve come and all those around me have come. All the miracles everyday. Life definitely is to be enjoyed. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that when I feel something and I’m inspired I so do it. Just as we all should. Whether it’s in our calling or job. Whether it’s in the moment or in our talents. We must always support one another and help share the joy and happiness. sometimes others may not be ready for it, or choose that they stay the way they are. Doesn’t mean you should forget them. Always keep your heart open to everyone around the world. That’s the joy of life. Everyone has their purpose and they are beautiful. We all bring laughter,smiles, goodness,talents,knowledge,strength and so much more.

All I know is the moment I feel right now is joy and happiness. It doesn’t matter what’s done or not done. Or the stresses of work and school. Or completing the house. Or missing my husband when he’s gone working. Or missing my family and not having vacations or getting this and that. It’s enjoying the joy and finding the happiness with what I am here to do. To love and share my heart and gifts. To support all I can in their gifts. To serve all those I can without anything in return. To see a smile on someone’s face or lift a burden or burdens of others no matter how many times. Comfort those in need. Surprise those that need lifted or help. And to love and support everyone I can. Hoping to have forgiveness and the same respect. Continue with my desires and support on my talents. And to continue to love my husband and children. That’s what brings me joy and happiness.

I must stop and always savor that moment. These moments are everyday. And looking back at moments helps me grow stronger which then turns my gloom and horrible days into joy. So much happens in life but we must remain strong.

See the joy and happiness in your life and always try to support anyone you can. Continue your dreams and desires. Treasure your family and friends. Keep smiling and shining. Just something I wanted to share between the ”life events ” I face ~

All the best~ Jackie


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