Just as I’ve been facing so many trials with my health whether bloody noses, continued pain, and trying to pack and move into the house we are buying. YES! We finally are buying a house thanks to an amazing and wonderful couple from church. They have truly blessed our family. And of course being new to all this, it’s been a heck of a roller coaster. Lack of eating,stress, disappointments, crying, being upset, wondering, and trying to take it all in. So much do this or do that. Sign this or get this. And here we’re both working, and I’m going to school full-time, and we have a 17-year-old and 6-year-old and other trials in our life. Still takes a year to see if my surgery worked and then hubby having to take off for his work til Thanksgiving. So guess who is packing the house ? Yep! Thank goodness for kids. Thank goodness for working from home and going to BYU-Idaho online. Thankful for all the blessings,prayers,love and support of others. Thank you to all those I can service to forget my needs and concerns in any way I can.

That’s the best way til you literally crash at 6pm and don’t wake up til 1pm today and realize that you have missed church . You have so much to do. You have an exhausted husband who just keeps going and helps you in so many ways. You have beautiful kids to share this experience with. We can’t wait to get into our home. Family is everything. This is a HUGE milestone for us. If you knew the trials that we’ve had and continue to endure, you would see. It wouldn’t be possible without of faith,prayers, love, devotion,hard work,counsel,friends,family,owners, and especially God! And countless forgiveness from him from different attitudes. MOVING IS SO HARD.Especially since I’ve moved a lot over the 15 years and so has my husband due to previous relationships. But we’ve made it and we are seeing the joy no matter how much we don’t feel good. No matter the pain from getting use to moving after surgery etc.. No matter the sacrifices and time. IT Is SO WONDERFUL AND WE’RE SO BLESSED.

Just like we all are blessed in our lives. No matter what you have endured or enduring find the joy. I am still doing crafts,scrapbook,being a step mom, wife, ward missionary, daughter, friend, and of service. I continue to sing and write. All I do isn’t perfect. I fail a lot. I miss opportunities. I sometimes don’t try too hard and it gets me so down and exhausted or my anxiety and depression kicks in. But you know what? I look around. I let it run its course but I take steps with faith and keep going. I see so much joy. In my life and around me. In my family and friends. In all those I serve. Especially in all I see and support across the world.

You all that read this or don’t. Your talents are amazing. I am seeing so many amazing things and I am truly blessed to help support you. I pray for you. I think of you. I hurt for you. I cry for you. I try to uplift you. Even if you don’t know me. Even if you don’t follow back or I can’t follow back . Trust me, my heart is for you. YES YOU! I am just one person and you touch my life everyday in many ways. You are beautiful. Amazing. Talented in whatever gift you have. So grateful to look out side, drive, go places, eat,smell,see, hear, or watch, or use internet, mail or whatever way I can to support and know how incredible you are. You may be exhausted too. You may have given up or going too. I can’t tell you you’re fine. You aren’t fine. But I can tell you, you are wonderful. You have gifts and talents. You will bounce back in your own time. Just believe in yourself. Stop and see and look or hear or notice the joy you bring others. Even if it’s just one person like me.

Life SUCKS! It truly does. It’s no pancake. It’s hard work that never ends . You get back up and then BAM! Get hit back again. Yet, there’s that joy that you must see. Look at how amazing you are and what you are working to be. Don’t you give up. See the blessings. I know we’re all tired of all that is going on. That’s life. It’s going to get worse. But if we see that when we’re exhausted and tired, that there’s more joy than heartache. Let your emotions out. Be who you are. Don’t focus on the ones that hate or despise you. Don’t worry about those that think they are better than you. Never count your ”followers”. You are a person and special and priceless. Numbers don’t mean anything. Trust me! I don’t know if one person reads this. I don’t care. What I care is that you are safe. You are fed. You are experiencing your life and dreams. That you are finding joy. You are resting.. You are being supported. That you know you’re beautiful and amazing especially in all the hell you have or experiencing. I only care that you are doing it. That you are moving forward.

If you aren’t then please do. Please share your talents and gifts. Show me and others what you can do. Do it FOR YOU! You are inspiring. I have seen so much heartache and so much hatred and comparing . WE NEED TO STOP THAT! We need the joy to spread. Not just one day. To continue. I’m just one voice but I’m doing it. And well if I am only one then so be it. Because I know what matters.. I’m working on my stage fright. When you’ve been hurt so much and bullied. We you have given up all the singing and playing piano. When you gave up arts,crafts,scrapbook and so much more and let depression hit and those that hurt you take over.. You lose yourself. Well for last few years I’ve been better than ever. And I rather see my beauty and my uniqueness on how I shine and share my talents. How I treat others. How I forgive and see my joy in my life. How proud I am . I am loving myself to do so. It is exhausting to keep going but I do . I don’t stop and neither should you. REGAIN YOUR STRENGTH. JOY IS WITHIN YOU AND NEEDS TO BE SHARED> I AM SO BLESSED AND WORKING ON MY GIFTS. So I can share the inspiration,joy,love,and support for family and friends and all those I can. Because with tears in my eyes, you need to know you are priceless and wonderful and I don’t care where you come from. you matter to me. Don’t you give up. Rest and find the joy 🙂



Some songs I’ve sang 🙂 Keep practicing
















Hello Everyone~ I hope all you peeps are doing amazing around the world. As you may have noticed, I’m always trying to see my blessings and being thankful in all circumstances. This is a good point because,even though its Thanksgiving time. I’m always thankful or try to be all the time. I am human and I do get discourage and want to give up. There’s many times I seem ungrateful etc..For the most part, I’ve very blessed.


I’m blessed to have a family with amazing parents. I cannot stress how much family means to me. Having 12 other siblings plus their spouses,kids,extended family and unselfish and amazing parents overloads my heart. (you can read from previous posts my story on how that came about). Either way, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of every single one of them and how much they mean to me. I won’t ever let that love die down.

I’m so incredibly blessed to have an amazing eternal companion who is my comforter,supporter,love,best friend, comedian and hard worker. He’s such an amazing father, power lineman, husband, compassionate, helpful, and so much more. We’ve had some hard times over the years. The good lord provided a plan where we could meet.

I’m forever grateful for that. In doing so I am able to love a son and daughter as if they were my very own. To teach and guide them with their father. To show unconditional love. To comfort,respect,discipline, and support them in all they do and who they are. I am so honored that even though ”step” momma to them, In my heart fully I love them so very much. That I hurt so much when they hurt. That I respect they have their mothers that they will want to be around one day. But I know I’ll always be apart of their life and one day they will see the impact. But for now I’m blessed for their mothers and my husband to create beautiful children so I can help raise,love,nurture,and just be there.

I’m blessed to be comforted in filling up a void of being a mother. For all the challenges, mistakes, bullying, miracles, trials, health issues, melt downs, depression, anxiety, school, disasters,family,friends,gospel,food,clothing,shelter,and so much more. I am so grateful and blessed for the challenges that I’ve had and the horrific ones. To help calm my soul. To help me serve others during those times. Being able to have a broken heart and be forgiven or forgive. Learning experiences that taught me and continue to teach me so I can grow better as a wife,mother,friend,daughter and especially a daughter of God.

I am most blessed with a chance at life. That no matter all the bad and horrible things I’ve done or things those have done or happen to me. I was able to rise above and keep going without giving up. I am most grateful to have compassion and bless others lives through my gifts and talents and experiences. To be able to help lead my family and understand my husband,children and those around me more.

Deeply grateful for all the men and women who have and continue to serve,protect,honor, and love our country, each other, their families and so much more. For all those that have come and gone. For all those that continue to serve day after day near and far. For those that will serve. I’m forever grateful for all of us in any line of work. Grateful for all the musicians,artists,dancers,teachers,nurses,doctors,police officers,president,governors, parents,children,leaders,instructors,construction workers,Ems,firefighters,banks,stores,other businesses,airlines,bloggers,gyms,and really every business, and every person (those that I didn’t name) because we are all worth so much. We all have so much to offer. There are lists that go on and on of the titles or things we can do or how we have talents. It’s endless. I’m blessed for each and everyone out there and those that will be born or those that have gone. Why do I say this? Because I truly am. If you stop and think about it or stop and look around, you would see how everyone that has been born or will be has an impact on someone else or all of us or  just you. Just take a moment to reflect.

That brings me back to being blessed for families and all my friends and supporters. I may not comment all the time. I may not be able to follow you (due to ”limit” ) companies set on social media. Doesn’t mean I don’t notice. No one is better than anyone else . No one is serving more than anyone else. I’m most blessed for all the opportunities I’ve had and will have along with my family, friends,and those I see experience. Brings me much joy to see all that we are blessed with.

So blessed for angels all around us. For all those giving and receiving. For all those helping one another either just once or many times. I am blessed to see someone hold something for someone else. To pick up something if it is dropped for someone else. To shower others with gifts of things they need or just to surprise. A simple phone call from a family member or friend. A hug at church or whenever you see them, or even from a stranger. Blessed to see or experience in my own family, friends or others their prayers being answered through miracles and hands of others. Desires to go on a trip, have a family, be married, bills to be paid, utilities to be turned on. To see someone who truly cares and loves a certain artist or writer or dancer or whoever acknowledge them back. Whether in person, in a photo, on social media or meet or greet.

I am blessed to see miracles happening each and everyday in my own life and families to seeing in all my extended or friends or basically everyone. Whether the angels to help buy our first home. Or countless prayers and support from everyone. Seeing support and fundraisers for loved ones or just anyone on a sickness,death,struggle or other challenges. Not to mention dream vacations or a wedding or other desires. Blessed to help support others in their time of need whether they move, need a hug, a comforting letter, financial assistant, prayer, or just say I’m always here. I’m blessed to listen, to comment,to share, to message, to pray, to love, understand,forgive, have compassion, and so much more for anyone and everyone that I can day in and day out.

Forever blessed to see the miracles and blessings and communities to pull together on projects, those that need food,clothing,and shelter. Blessed for the church that I go to (lds) to help in various ways in all the above and more all around the world. Whether it be my family,extended family, friends,leaders,apostles,prophets, or missionaries. We’re all church family and I see the blessings and miracles not only because of callings or we all choose too. But also the blessings of tithing and fast offerings. The blessings of council to help families or those that are single to get back on their feet and teach them of self-reliance and so much more. Blessings of not just my church but so many others out their willing to help others in all ways they can.

I am deeply grateful for the tears, the pain, the challenges, the health issues, depression, and so much more I’ve endured and are and will. It helps me understand others and help serve them because I have all that I need. I am a wife,mother,friend,daughter,singer,writer,artist,photographer and so much more. I am beautiful and priceless and I cheer up others. I am compassionate,understanding, kind,sweet,hard-working and unselfish. That is why because each day I remind myself I don’t need to be recognized to see my potential and how incredible I am. Just as how Heavenly Father and our Savior wants you to see yourself and help you feel the same. I don’t need certain amount of followers or be noticed for my good deeds,love, books,music or anything else. I just need to continue to notice and see all my blessings so I can share and help others see what they have or help them with what they need.

It may be a long post to you. Many may not see this and that is quite alright. It’s a heart of thanksgiving. A heartful post of so much that I see and experience and so blessed. I’m most grateful that our family has a home,food,clothing,each other,jobs, love, support, compassion,and can serve. I’m so grateful for all the sacrifices everyone has and had made or continues to make not only just for me or my family or those that needing it. Deeply grateful for my Heavenly Parents and Savior to help provide miracles to all of us around the world whether it’s physical,emotional,financial,or spiritual. I’m so so grateful for those that can experience to be a mother and father or will one day. For those that can experience having a family,job,talents,opportunities, and get the medical care or other things they need.

I say all this because if I’m not grateful then I’m wasting my life each day. I’m blessed so much. That there is so much more I can say and do. But most of all the prayers for helping with buying our first home. For the miracles and blessings of family,the gospel, friends,angels who sacrifice so much time and effort to make dreams and desires come true. For everyone out there I’m blessed that you are here and you make a difference in the world some way and some how. For those that have passed or will or those to come to be born, you have a purpose and I’m blessed for that. I’m so blessed to pray and cry and hurt for so many or all of us around the world. Not in a way to pity you. In a way to say I’m here and I’m hurting with you. Just as our Savior did. I’m learning and growing and so blessed to go to college. I am deeply blessed to share my heart, gifts, and talents with all I can. To be able to do this post . Be able to have sorrow,laughter,tears,and so much more because it makes my heart grow.

Thank you to everyone near and far then and now and all I know for blessing my life. This may not mean anything to you, but it means so much more. Makes me notice I’m so full of blessings and just to enjoy the journey in all circumstances with a grateful and positive attitude. That there is so much more out there. It takes each of us to keep going and help support and remember WE’RE BLESSED. I give thanks each and every day. I am grateful for all I endure and have.

That’s why I’m blessed and more. All the best ~ Much love~ Jackie


Hello Everyone~ Everyone around the world. I know I am posting here and there. I’m never to busy to message,call,text,post,see, or send prayers to all I can. Even if I don’t know you by name. If you’ve been following you would see my posts are normally about someone or something else. I have everything I need. I’m working on my desires. One of that is music and writing. Which I am doing now. I don’t share often as I’m working on the fright. But I do share. This is one of the times. It’s not for me. It’s for you. For all of us out there hurting,grieving,struggling,in pain, and so much more. We all feel it. Whether for ourselves or for someone else.








I wanted to write a little song for ALL OF US! And to sing few songs that I woke up wanting to sing to share my heart. To give thanks. To say I’m thinking of everyone. I’m praying for everyone. I cannot stop what is going on in the world. Seems to be getting worse daily. Always know that just a single person likes me can take in a whole bunch of love,prayers, tears, and so much more. We all have seen and been in tragedies. We’ve all lost and continuing to lose others. Whether it’s recently, in the past or soon. Just please keep the faith and lean on to each other.

Use your gifts and talents for good. We all have them. Never judge others for we aren’t perfect. They are using their hearts. We have desires and we must shine. Be respectful in supporting each other in whatever they would so desire to be or do. Never look down upon someone if they are doing things you don’t agree with. Or if it’s not the same tastes,looks, financial amount, or other world stuff. I could go on about this but I am not. For this post isn’t to tell you what to do. Merely just a loving suggestion and saying I support, love,pray,and thinking of you.


My Heart Is Open For You

Many days and so many times

Heart break fills my soul inside

From challenges and tragedies

Too much pain for us to see

My heart is open for you

I’ll keep my prayers coming too

For always know there’s a place for you

Inside my heart , it’s the best thing I can do.

Wishing all the sickness and  heartache to go

Especially for all those killings and more

Life isn’t suppose to be full of hatred from any of us

We’re supposed to love and suppose to trust.

My heart is open for you

I’ll keep my prayers coming too

For always know there’s a place for you

Inside my heart , it’s the best thing I can do.

Wish I can  take your pain and wipe your tears away

You may not even no me but I just want to say

You’re amazing and you’re so loved

May you find comfort and love from up above.

My heart is open for you

I’ll keep my prayers coming too

For always know there’s a place for you

Inside my heart , it’s the best thing I can do.

Inside my heart, it’s the best thing I can do….

To show you how much I truly care and want comfort you..

( c) Jackie Hall

I testify that I know God is real and his Savior. That through all the challenges we face or see others facing, he will guide us with his spirit to give strength. Strength for ourselves so that we can help others in their time of need. For I am using some of that time, with this song and singing these songs. It’s a song of prayer, song of hope. Words of love and strength. May we forever shine in each other and bring together all of us closer. Stand true and keep following your dreams. You’re so beautiful and amazing. God be with us all and all those that have,had,and currently going too lose their lives. For whether it be by sickness, age, trials, or tragedies. My heart is truly broken for all and fully love for all .It’s a blessing to follow and support others along my journey. You touch so many lives.

You are never a number. To me your a blessing ❤ Much Love~ All the best ~ Jackie


Hello Beautiful Peeps~ Hope you have had a wonderful Halloween. My favorite memories is trading candy in the basement with all my siblings. One good thing about having 12 other siblings, loads of candy and better chances of getting the big stuff LOL. More importantly the memories to look back on. I hope everyone is safe and well ! It’s always wonderful to have traditions and take out time from your life and enjoy those around you. That’s what life is all about . Well for me anyways. Being together and enjoying the journey. That’s even with meeting new people.

There’s so much I’d like to share but really I wanted to update my blog and let you know that I am continuing to pray and support all I can around the world. I know I have my own family to do so. But I have a big heart and my heart gets bigger each day. Besides knowing I have my Savior and Heavenly Father in my life, as they support me. I want to follow them and let others know the importance of support. It doesn’t always have to be financial support. You can physically,emotionally,and spiritually. Whether just by a smile, prayer, or helping hand. Whether you go to a game, recital, class, home, store, or movie. You can support others in their talents, fears, gifts, schooling,church,work, and so much more.

We all are given talents and gifts. We all have fears and doubts. We’re not perfect. There may be times or many times we feel lonely, desperate, hurting, not wanted and so much more. I plead with you,especially during those times, KNOW YOU ARE AMAZING. More than ever because you are enduring. That means you are living proof and an amazing example. Never lose sight of your worth and your strengths. No matter how hard it is. You don’t have to know the person to support. Many that follow me, I don’t know you and I support and care for you. I try to follow all I can in person or on social media to help their desires, wants, or needs. Granted I can’t do that for everyone as there are millions of us. But how amazing is it to keep you in my hearts and prayers and thoughts? That I can do. I can only try to do what I can. So you can do the same. Your choice though! Not telling you what you should. Only suggesting.

We have challenges and we all need to overcome them. Being supportive and not judging and bullying one another will help all of us get through. It’s truly heartbreaking to see all of us comparing or judging. So many that are out there hurting one another or in the music and movie industry. Whether in fashion, events, or other creative places. So much judging. We shouldn’t judge one another by our gifts or talents. Neither should we compare. We are all unique in our own way. Granted I know there are many that can write better and make more sense with their writing. Do I let that stop me? No! Because I’m only speaking how my heart feels. How I want to do it. I am unique and different. I can’t help and support others if I can’t do it myself. I’m working on my stage fright and rejection issues. That has built up over time due to bullying, not fitting in, and bad relationships. I’ve learned to change what needed to be changed. But then I learned who I AM ! And I love me. I love all of me with all the flaws and the mistakes and you should feel the same.

Life would be so boring if we all were the same. That’s why if we support one another and help one another whether it’s daily or for our dreams and desires, we can learn. It will make life more exciting, emotional, amazing and a growing experience. Makes me so happy to support my husband, children, family and friends in any way I know how. Not just one time. ALL THE TIME! Yes, they do the same for me in my writing,singing,art, or whatever else. Same with school, church, family, friends, gifts,talents, desires,dreams, challenges,illnesses,losing loved ones, and so much more. There is so much to enjoy in life and so much to endure. So why not do it all and find the joy in all things while you endure the good and bad. And that is WITH EACH OTHER.

Brings me joy to see the love of my spouse and children on their faces and excitement in their accomplishments. Same when I do something great. Brings me joy to know that a hug, letter, sweet message, visit, gift, or saying I am here for someone else. Brings me joy to want to do more when I follow, like, or comment on someone’s post,even if I don’t know them. To show you HEY! I SUPPORT YOU! If that is what you feel or love doing , then I am here for you.

Makes my heart grow in love,compassion,understanding and so much more when someone I know or don’t know is going through things. It could be anything. To them it may mean so much. Yet, to us we may not understand how they are feeling. But I am glad I can be there to help and enjoy and love them. I am glad I can let them know they aren’t alone. Even if it’s far away or if I’m close by. Whether you’re a stranger or not. You don’t have to know everything about someone and their challenges. You don’t have to have them respond back if you do something for someone. There doesn’t have to be an award, money, gift, recognition in someway for every good deed you do. All you need to do is support one another in any way you know how.

Cry with someone. Hold someone. Sit with someone. Write someone. Go listen to someone. Watch someone. Surprise someone. Love someone. recognize someone. Whatever you can do BE YOU AND SUPPORT SOMEONE. Not just one time. All the time. Whether they need it physically,emotionally,spiritually, or financially. There are ways and if you can’t do it, help them find someone who can.

Be of comfort and show compassion to those that are suffering. Help each other endure life. It would be nice if they do the same for you. Just don’t make them do it. Help each other anyway. You will find that your struggles and your desires or challenges will be helped as well. Take time to serve others in their issues as well. Or take time to praise them and help their dreams and passions come alive.

I see many people complain because no one is buying their music or tickets. Or merchandise , yet they do it for others. I see others complain because they win something or are on a show or meeting someone ”famous”. There are many that complain about many things whether follows, likes,shoutouts, money, winnings,trips,awards and so much more. I can understand that we all have desires or wishes . That’s normal. But we’re all human. We all have our challenges. We all have our times where amazing opportunities happen. Just because it doesn’t for you at that time, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. May not be in the same way. But we’re all so blessed. So blessed with so much already. Try not to demand others to follow you back or like and respond. Don’t give up if you would like to meet someone who inspires you. Just don’t worship them.

As earlier, we’re all gifted and we all matter. No one is ”famous”. Some are more out in the spotlight. Doesn’t mean they are better than any of us. We all shine in our own way. We all are gifted in our own way. We grieve in our own way. Basically we all do things in our own way and that is just fine. We shouldn’t be alone enduring our life without each other. That we should all be doing in ONE WAY!

Have a blessed life. Continue your journey and feel the love and peace. See the beauty and inspiration in your own life. Know you truly are amazing and supported. Thank you for all those that support me in all I do. Especially those that help me endure in my own challenges. It’s a blessing in my life to share my heart and help you in yours near or far.

All the best~ Til next time ~ much love ~ Jackie 🙂

Enjoy the journey! You’re better than you think you are doing! Keep going~

Hello Beautiful Peeps~ May you always know around the world that you are someone special. You can always believe those words or discard. We all have our own thoughts and feelings. Yet, my thoughts and feelings are always trying to love, honor,support,help,and care. Yes, there are times when I get hurt or upset at others. When that happens I try m hardest to forgive and make things better. Sometimes that works. Other times it’s lost cause. We can’t change others.  Just do your best and enjoy the journey. Never think you don’t have time. Below are things that I’ve had done and continue when I make time for me too! May take time but I’m still doing it. SO CAN YOU! 🙂  don’t worry what others think 🙂 Just seek support and help and you’re on your way! You just need to believe! ❤ ❤

As I continue to work and go to school and enjoy being a mother and wife. I am still trying to serve others in any way I know how. If anything I can tell you it is we’re all God’s children and we all do matter. I am in hopes one day that we all put our differences aside and see the true meaning of each of our lives. That’s love and that we should all belong together hand in hand til the end of time. And then the new life of eternity. But that is my heart desire and beliefs. You can find your own. I just know that life is so hard. And I do get down. I have and do suffer. There’s days in my pain and trials I don’t know where I find the strength. Yet, I do. I have my husband,children,family,friends,and most importantly my faith in God. I get that strength. And one thing that helps is serve. Serve whether physically,emotionally,financially,or spiritually.

I love to serve others. I love to support others in all their time of need. Just because I can’t buy what you’re selling or give what you need financially, I can still serve. We all need to make a living and we all have goals,bills,debts,and hardships. So if I can find someway here and there to support you I will financially. If I can’t that way, I can through messages,prayers,sharing,loving,encouraging and so on. Right there is endless support always and forever. However long you need it. It’s more powerful and amazing. Why do I say that? Because when you think you may not be doing great , YOU ARE! You have amazing gifts and an amazing life. That’s even with the hardest trials you have or are facing. Those trials won’t ever stop. It’s part of life’s plan. But YOU KNOWING YOU ARE BETTER THAN WHAT YOU GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT IS WHAT HELPS SO MUCH. NEVER FORGET THAT. I cannot stress this enough. Trust me! I tell myself this too.

Repeat this after me if you read this ( or if you care too)

I —-(your name) am better than I think I am. I am a child of God. I have gifts that will help me live my life to the fullest. I have gifts and a heart that will not only help me grow but will help others see their potential and beauty in their life. My journey in life is not only for me to enjoy but to see others progress and comfort them in their time of need. I need to know deep down inside and with all my heart I am amazing and I don’t need anyone to tell me that. Just because someone or others may disown me, stop supporting me, forget me, hurt me, or not recognize me, doesn’t mean I’m not worth it. I AM SO WORTH IT! I AM PRICELESS. My gifts will help me be an answer to not only in my life but those lives I am or will touch in the days ahead.

When I feel like giving up, I need to remember how I got here and how amazing I am. I am a beautiful person on the inside and outside. My flaws just make me more beautiful to grow. My opportunities that I couldn’t get just opens ways for me to grow and have something even more incredible. I will not let judgement, bullying, misunderstandings,heartaches,and other challenges or tragedies to get me down.  I AM WHO I AM AND WHO I WILL BE ! I WILL TAKE CHARGE AND WHEN TIMES GET TOUGH I WILL GET THE STRENGTH I NEED AS LONG AS I BELIEVE> I NEED AND WILL ALWAYS TRY TO LOVE MYSELF AND OTHERS AND SUPPORT THEM IN ALL THEY DO AS WELL> FOR WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER!

See that wasn’t hard was it? Now take a look at yourself. Take a look at your life. Take a look at your gifts, challenges, and knowledge. You are better than you are thinking. You will be even more incredible. Go seek the help you need. Keep going and be who you want to be. If you fall down, you just get back up. TRUST ME! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

In closing here are some songs I’ve been singing. I too am working on my dreams and talents of cds,still writing books which I’ll leave a link to them. Continuing my education , working on my stage fright. Working on forgiving myself and others. Working on supporting and loving all that I can. SUpporting and loving my husband,children,family and friends and all those around the world I can in anything they would so love to do. Or in horrible times. Still finding the joy in all challenges. Seeing all the blessings that I have. Giving thanks to an incredible God and Savior who gave me this life to learn and bless the lives of others. Just because it may not be working out the way you want it now or how things turned bad.. Doesn’t mean you give up. You have another way to embrace. So seek every opportunity you can to grow and also help others do the same. That’s not much to ask. Enjoy your journey! You only have one life! 🙂

My Books ~

MY SONGS AND ONE DAY WILL COMPLETE CD OR CDS 🙂 Much more when I can get help with music 🙂 A good friend helped with the music~ ❤ 

I wanna ~

That moment~


Songs I love to sing . Keeping on singing til I make my own

Say Something ~

Remember when it rained ~

When you say nothing at all ~

Freedom ~

High Sierra ~

Foolish Games ~

Thinking Out loud ~

Photograph ~



HEY EVERYONE! Today is my day off from work. Which my days off are Wednesday and Sunday’s. So I try to play catch up with helping others, family time, house work, school and whatever else needs to be done. I cherish all the time I can. I try to be a week ahead in school between calls at work or break from work or down time when I can’t sleep. Which lately that’s been a big issue. Due to some back issues. But all is well. I keep going. We’re trying to buy our first house too. So that’s been a big emotional rollercoaster ha-ha. That’s life though. You got to find humor and just love it. Just love life and keep smiling and being grateful and whatever happens. Life gives you more chances and even better. 🙂 So will see how it goes!

Amongst a lot of things going on in the world that I physically can’t be there for everyone. So I do what I can even if it’s just a prayer,poem,call,letter,message,donation or whatever the case may be. I know that my heart keeps growing and I just want everyone around the world to know they are loved. They are incredible,amazing,gifted,somebody,and that no matter what they face individually or as a family, country, or whatever the case may be, that they matter and they are thought of. Same with my husband, children,family, friends and those around me. I care so much about others, you don’t know how bad. Sometimes people think too much and that I get hurt a lot. Yet, I must forgive. I must keep showing compassion and love. After all that’s what I’ve been shown and continue to be shown since birth from parents,siblings,family,friends,gospel,and strangers.

I enjoyed celebrating with my husband and his parents yesterday for his birthday. I truly have an amazing man. He works so hard to provide and so grateful that when we both didn’t want a relationship, because of the previous marriages we had and the hurt, that the lord said NO! This is what I want so we got closer. Despite our challenges in our own life, we’ve come closer and closer. It’s so great. And when he’s gone restoring power as he so loves being a powerlineman, I know all is well and he’s doing awesome things. Just as he’s an amazing dad. Even though I’m not our beautiful son (17yrs) and daughter 6(yrs) mom. I’m still a mother and I love them. I respect that they will always love and cherish their mom. I respect they see them sometime and in future may be more. I respect that they will go to her more for decisions or their dad than me. But I love them as they are my own.

I’m grateful our son is a half credit from graduating. He is done with high school soon. And I’m so glad I could be there even if it’s just an extra mother figure saying I love and support you and along with his dad. Same with our daughter. She’s younger and she will continue to grow knowing that her father loves her so much and so do I. And that I’ll always continue to love and teach her along with her daddy and be a mother to her too. That I’ll never replace their mothers but I’ll have all the room in my heart for them forever. I respect their decisions and not force them to love me. One day they will see what impact I have on their life. Until then I’ll enjoy the blessings of being apart of their life and they are apart of my family . I’m surely blessed. That’s how you make it work and blend families together. Not with hate and judgement . You be there for your children ❤

Just as if any of you feel the same or are in situations , don’t be afraid to be a parent or loved one. Just care for as many people you can . God blesses you in a way that he sends you certain people in your life for a reason. So don’t turn those opportunities down. Show kindness,love,understanding,and compassion not just for children, your own family and friends but everyone. We all are children of God. We all need support and love.

I’m most grateful for my life. For the trials and challenges that make me stronger. For times I feel not great whether physically,emotionally,spiritually, or when I sing, write, as a mother,wife, or other callings. Yet, I’m reminded daily that I’m great as much as I think I am. That there’s always room for improvement but so much to show that I am amazing at whatever I am doing, because I’m doing it. To look above and forward at all I’ve accomplished and doing. That should show you as well. LOOK AT YOU! YOU’RE AMAZING. You don’t wait on someone to tell you that. Learn from your flaws. Love your mistakes and challenges, and embrace life with love and joy. Work through the pain and lean on all the gifts and each other to help each other through. Cherish your time with your family and friends and make time for strangers so they don’t feel lonely and unwanted.

In closing I just want to share some songs of me singing today. I sing because I feel . I sing because I love to express and sing the way I want too. I’m not perfect. No one is. Just as in my writing and other talents. Yet, I keep going. I have my dreams and passions. They will keep growing and coming out to serve and help others. I hope the same for you too. Love supporting others in their dreams and passions. You have them! Up to you to find them .

Just as I keep going in school and being a great wife and mother, daughter,friend, and servant. I’m most grateful for all that I’m given and so much more. That all will be well. Things happen for a reason and we may not always see that plan. But what we do during those times is what matters. So don’t waste it. Seek the joy! Seek the service. Embrace the gifts and talents and share among others. Leave no one behind. Follow and support and hope they do the same.

Enjoy the music ! Enjoy your life. All the best! Much love ~ Jackie









Hello, all my beautiful peeps! I want you to know YOU ARE AWESOME! YOU ARE AMAZING! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOU ARE GIFTED! Now I said that it’s up to you to take it or forget it. If it’s something you’ve been wanting your whole life to be noticed or told these things well then here they are. You just have to believe in yourself to see it for yourself. I don’t have to support, write, or tell you these things. Same with I don’t have to support anyone in their dreams, passions, and whatever they choose to be. I do it because I WANT TOO! I enjoy it! I love it! I appreciate your work or gifts , talents, and personality. I love my husband, children, family and friends and all of you across the globe. If I cared about people supporting me in my dreams and talents, I’d pay more attention who’s following this or my social media. But that’s not who I am. I do it when I feel prompted or have something to say.

So you can go about your days and months and even years waiting for someone to notice and give you opportunities. Or you make it happen. With just a small step. Get out there and share! We all have talents whether in physical, emotional, spiritual , or whatever else there is. Some sing and write and art like me. Or love helping others like me. Your talents are endless. They can be dancing, video games, building, serving, kindness, whatever .. it makes you even better. So dream away and make it happen. If a door closes it wasn’t meant for you to give up. It was meant for you to open another door and take a chance. Yes, it’s disappointing.. but really you are the one that makes it that way. Brush it off and know how amazing you are.

I sing and write and doodle not to be like this other person or this singer. I do it because I EXPRESS. I FEEL> I LOVE! And I do it for comfort for others. One day my cd/cds and more books and whatever else I decided will come about. I’ve been rejected a lot and well, that’s just fine. It hurts but I just keep going. I do it the way I want to do it. I am who I want to be and that is being tested and tried and turning into something so better and beautiful. Doesn’t matter who we are and where we come from. Doesn’t matter if no one notices or not. It matters within you. You had something light that spark so keep it lite. We’re all around to love and support. And if some feel that ”you’re not good enough” well love and support them anyway. You don’t have to do what they do. NEVER GIVE UP. You have what you have to offer and share. Only you can make it happen. You don’t have to live a certain place or have certain looks, or change who you are. I see so many doing that. BE YOU! YOU ! YOU ! YOU ARE WHAT MAKES THIS WORLD SPECIAL > So go make it count.

SONGS THAT I’VE BEEN SINGING Much love! ENjoy .. all the best ~ Jackie