Hello Everyone~ I hope all you peeps are doing amazing around the world. As you may have noticed, I’m always trying to see my blessings and being thankful in all circumstances. This is a good point because,even though its Thanksgiving time. I’m always thankful or try to be all the time. I am human and I do get discourage and want to give up. There’s many times I seem ungrateful etc..For the most part, I’ve very blessed.


I’m blessed to have a family with amazing parents. I cannot stress how much family means to me. Having 12 other siblings plus their spouses,kids,extended family and unselfish and amazing parents overloads my heart. (you can read from previous posts my story on how that came about). Either way, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of every single one of them and how much they mean to me. I won’t ever let that love die down.

I’m so incredibly blessed to have an amazing eternal companion who is my comforter,supporter,love,best friend, comedian and hard worker. He’s such an amazing father, power lineman, husband, compassionate, helpful, and so much more. We’ve had some hard times over the years. The good lord provided a plan where we could meet.

I’m forever grateful for that. In doing so I am able to love a son and daughter as if they were my very own. To teach and guide them with their father. To show unconditional love. To comfort,respect,discipline, and support them in all they do and who they are. I am so honored that even though ”step” momma to them, In my heart fully I love them so very much. That I hurt so much when they hurt. That I respect they have their mothers that they will want to be around one day. But I know I’ll always be apart of their life and one day they will see the impact. But for now I’m blessed for their mothers and my husband to create beautiful children so I can help raise,love,nurture,and just be there.

I’m blessed to be comforted in filling up a void of being a mother. For all the challenges, mistakes, bullying, miracles, trials, health issues, melt downs, depression, anxiety, school, disasters,family,friends,gospel,food,clothing,shelter,and so much more. I am so grateful and blessed for the challenges that I’ve had and the horrific ones. To help calm my soul. To help me serve others during those times. Being able to have a broken heart and be forgiven or forgive. Learning experiences that taught me and continue to teach me so I can grow better as a wife,mother,friend,daughter and especially a daughter of God.

I am most blessed with a chance at life. That no matter all the bad and horrible things I’ve done or things those have done or happen to me. I was able to rise above and keep going without giving up. I am most grateful to have compassion and bless others lives through my gifts and talents and experiences. To be able to help lead my family and understand my husband,children and those around me more.

Deeply grateful for all the men and women who have and continue to serve,protect,honor, and love our country, each other, their families and so much more. For all those that have come and gone. For all those that continue to serve day after day near and far. For those that will serve. I’m forever grateful for all of us in any line of work. Grateful for all the musicians,artists,dancers,teachers,nurses,doctors,police officers,president,governors, parents,children,leaders,instructors,construction workers,Ems,firefighters,banks,stores,other businesses,airlines,bloggers,gyms,and really every business, and every person (those that I didn’t name) because we are all worth so much. We all have so much to offer. There are lists that go on and on of the titles or things we can do or how we have talents. It’s endless. I’m blessed for each and everyone out there and those that will be born or those that have gone. Why do I say this? Because I truly am. If you stop and think about it or stop and look around, you would see how everyone that has been born or will be has an impact on someone else or all of us orΒ  just you. Just take a moment to reflect.

That brings me back to being blessed for families and all my friends and supporters. I may not comment all the time. I may not be able to follow you (due to ”limit” ) companies set on social media. Doesn’t mean I don’t notice. No one is better than anyone else . No one is serving more than anyone else. I’m most blessed for all the opportunities I’ve had and will have along with my family, friends,and those I see experience. Brings me much joy to see all that we are blessed with.

So blessed for angels all around us. For all those giving and receiving. For all those helping one another either just once or many times. I am blessed to see someone hold something for someone else. To pick up something if it is dropped for someone else. To shower others with gifts of things they need or just to surprise. A simple phone call from a family member or friend. A hug at church or whenever you see them, or even from a stranger. Blessed to see or experience in my own family, friends or others their prayers being answered through miracles and hands of others. Desires to go on a trip, have a family, be married, bills to be paid, utilities to be turned on. To see someone who truly cares and loves a certain artist or writer or dancer or whoever acknowledge them back. Whether in person, in a photo, on social media or meet or greet.

I am blessed to see miracles happening each and everyday in my own life and families to seeing in all my extended or friends or basically everyone. Whether the angels to help buy our first home. Or countless prayers and support from everyone. Seeing support and fundraisers for loved ones or just anyone on a sickness,death,struggle or other challenges. Not to mention dream vacations or a wedding or other desires. Blessed to help support others in their time of need whether they move, need a hug, a comforting letter, financial assistant, prayer, or just say I’m always here. I’m blessed to listen, to comment,to share, to message, to pray, to love, understand,forgive, have compassion, and so much more for anyone and everyone that I can day in and day out.

Forever blessed to see the miracles and blessings and communities to pull together on projects, those that need food,clothing,and shelter. Blessed for the church that I go to (lds) to help in various ways in all the above and more all around the world. Whether it be my family,extended family, friends,leaders,apostles,prophets, or missionaries. We’re all church family and I see the blessings and miracles not only because of callings or we all choose too. But also the blessings of tithing and fast offerings. The blessings of council to help families or those that are single to get back on their feet and teach them of self-reliance and so much more. Blessings of not just my church but so many others out their willing to help others in all ways they can.

I am deeply grateful for the tears, the pain, the challenges, the health issues, depression, and so much more I’ve endured and are and will. It helps me understand others and help serve them because I have all that I need. I am a wife,mother,friend,daughter,singer,writer,artist,photographer and so much more. I am beautiful and priceless and I cheer up others. I am compassionate,understanding, kind,sweet,hard-working and unselfish. That is why because each day I remind myself I don’t need to be recognized to see my potential and how incredible I am. Just as how Heavenly Father and our Savior wants you to see yourself and help you feel the same. I don’t need certain amount of followers or be noticed for my good deeds,love, books,music or anything else. I just need to continue to notice and see all my blessings so I can share and help others see what they have or help them with what they need.

It may be a long post to you. Many may not see this and that is quite alright. It’s a heart of thanksgiving. A heartful post of so much that I see and experience and so blessed. I’m most grateful that our family has a home,food,clothing,each other,jobs, love, support, compassion,and can serve. I’m so grateful for all the sacrifices everyone has and had made or continues to make not only just for me or my family or those that needing it. Deeply grateful for my Heavenly Parents and Savior to help provide miracles to all of us around the world whether it’s physical,emotional,financial,or spiritual. I’m so so grateful for those that can experience to be a mother and father or will one day. For those that can experience having a family,job,talents,opportunities, and get the medical care or other things they need.

I say all this because if I’m not grateful then I’m wasting my life each day. I’m blessed so much. That there is so much more I can say and do. But most of all the prayers for helping with buying our first home. For the miracles and blessings of family,the gospel, friends,angels who sacrifice so much time and effort to make dreams and desires come true. For everyone out there I’m blessed that you are here and you make a difference in the world some way and some how. For those that have passed or will or those to come to be born, you have a purpose and I’m blessed for that. I’m so blessed to pray and cry and hurt for so many or all of us around the world. Not in a way to pity you. In a way to say I’m here and I’m hurting with you. Just as our Savior did. I’m learning and growing and so blessed to go to college. I am deeply blessed to share my heart, gifts, and talents with all I can. To be able to do this post . Be able to have sorrow,laughter,tears,and so much more because it makes my heart grow.

Thank you to everyone near and far then and now and all I know for blessing my life. This may not mean anything to you, but it means so much more. Makes me notice I’m so full of blessings and just to enjoy the journey in all circumstances with a grateful and positive attitude. That there is so much more out there. It takes each of us to keep going and help support and remember WE’RE BLESSED. I give thanks each and every day. I am grateful for all I endure and have.

That’s why I’m blessed and more. All the best ~ Much love~ Jackie


One Year Since Our Sealing β€πŸ˜š

Happy Sunday Everyone. May you remember how special you are. Enjoy your day with your family and friends. Enjoy your day going to church to get renewed if you go.

As I get ready for church, I got to speak to my husband for a second via text. He’s still working hard for those in need as a power lineman in Florida. I know he is needed and his purpose on earth is doing just that and more. I would be lying if I didn’t miss him. But I am comforted knowing he is where he needs to be. After all I’m busy being a mom,wife,student,working and so much more. So I stay busy.

Today marks our year since we were able to make sacred covenants in Columbus Ohio Temple. Today means more to us then our normal “wedding day” June 2014. If you’re not familiar with lds religion, a sealing is where you can be sealed to your loved ones not just for on earth but all eternity. We believe that after we die we can be together as husband and wife and with our families forever.

So that personally to me is a wonderful comfort because all the test here on earth we go through I want it to be so worth it so it’s FOREVER baby lol . And I’ll keep my forever love with me and family . It’s just a special day and I know that as I continue to keep going and fight through the battles, I can have that forever that’s promised. I know there’s a life after this and it will n endless. Sad part is we have to get through this first. So if I have my dreams,desires, and promises as a target then I’ll do my best. It’s hard but so worth it.

I never felt more beautiful and special then on that day. I felt so loved by so many. I always wanted to feel like a princess. And to have family and friends there and I did. It was magical. Took all the pain and other obstacles I had to endure away and made my enduring so worth it. I love you hunny . You’re my forever . You’re my best friend. I’m here always and forever and praying, loving and supporting you in all you do as you do me. Will celebrate when you get back. Have that honeymoon we always wanted. Stay safe and Ty for being my forever and choosing me as your forever. Those that you are helping restore power ,I’m sure is appreciating you and many.

I know your family here does always. Love you more ❀

And for all those that read this, May you find your happiness with whoever . May you know you don’t need a “fairytale” story to know how beautiful,amazing,priceless, and wonderful you are. You have to see it in you first. Doesn’t matter if we believe the same. Just as long as we love and support and believe in ourselves and others, that will help us in our lives. Much love . Talk soon

All the best ~Jackie